How Drug Companies Encourage “Counterfeit” Drug Rings

I know a fellow who works with the FBI. He told me that the biggest crime operation he has to deal with on a regular basis is counterfeit Viagra. People buy and sell it on the black market. I would have never guessed. I mean, I know that people obtain prescription meds illegally and forge prescriptions, but I didn’t realize how big the underground counterfeit Viagra operation was.

Recently, two American guys with Middle Eastern names got busted by the feds for taking fake Viagra pills from China and distributing them here in the States:

 “Two men have been charged in a conspiracy of trafficking in fake Viagra, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday. Jamal Khattab, of Texas, and Fayez Al-Jabri, of Chicago, were charged in an 11-count indictment for smuggling 19,319 ‘counterfeit’ Viagra tablets between July 2010 and September 2011. The men sold the pills, which were counterfeits of Pfizer-brand Viagra from China, to an undercover federal agent.  Pfizer Inc. has the exclusive right to sell the male enhancement drug in the U.S. After smuggling the fake Viagra from China, Khattab and Al-Jabri would then allegedly ship it to Chicago or to Houston, ‘in bulk for later distribution in smaller quantities,’ the DOJ said. ‘It was the object of the conspiracy for the defendants and others to unlawfully enrich themselves by distributing pharmaceutical drug products that bore the trademarks associated with Viagra, without the authorization of the manufacturer of said drug,’ the indictment, filed with the Southern District of Texas, states.”

Obviously, I’m not going to defend what these guys were doing. But the only reason they were doing it was that it makes them money. They can sell their counterfeit stuff for cheaper than the real stuff, and it’s probably just as effective. Pfizer obviously doesn’t like it, not because they’re morally opposed to a person plagiarizing a product, but because they’re being left out of lots of money. That’s all they care about.

Once a drug company gets their particular chemical cocktail patented, no one else is allowed to use it. This gives them a monopoly on that particular chemical recipe.

If you think about it, there would be no counterfeit rings like this if we were dealing with herbs. The particular problem that Viagra is supposed to address (erectile dysfunction) can be treated with herbs.

But drug companies can’t patent an herb. This is why drug companies lobby for laws that restrict people’s access to herbs and natural substances, which are typically much safer and oftentimes more effective than what any drug company can come up with. Those laws are designed to eliminate Big Pharma’s competition.

The plants and herbs that many people recommend for male impotence can be grown, bought online or at an herb store, powdered, tinctured, infused, etc. No one can “counterfeit” those herbs, and no one owns the “rights” to them. God gave them to us all for our own use and consumption.

But big drug companies try to take something that’s naturally occurring and counterfeit it for themselves, patent it, and then destroy anyone who dares sell a copy of “their” chemical formula without their permission. They get mad when people plagiarize what they’ve “rightfully” stolen from creation.