How the Ruling Class Trains Disarmed Sheep to be Slaughtered

Not everyone needs to be armed. People are free to choose. In certain situations a gun can save your life. The question you have to ask yourself is how likely is it that you’re going to be in that situation. If you are broke and haven’t been raised in gun culture you’re looking at a commitment of time and money to purchase a gun and to make sure you don’t endanger yourself or others with a gun.

Right now, gun violence is not common–not even as common as it used to be. Getting a gun is like buying an insurance policy against an unlikely event. Some people decide to save their money and take their chances. Sometimes, for some people, that is a rational choice.

(Of course, when the government wages economic warfare on the middle class–Obamacare, etc–it effectively obstructs the people from exercising their Second Amendment rights. That is also true when regulations make guns and ammunition more expensive.)

But what if someone who chose not to carry a gun (after considering it) found himself under attack from a shooter?

If such a person somehow survived, he would admit that he was unprepared for the attack. He considered preparing, but the cost of buying the gun, ammunition, and holster, along with getting trained, seemed too expensive for something he would probably never need.

That would be sad but it would be understandable.

What makes no sense is for a survivor to say he had prepared for a mass shooting by learning how to cower and hide.

But that is exactly what our “security” consultants charge good money to train future victims to do.

In this Associated Press story we get a glimpse of how we are being trained to be slaughtered:

Trudy Raymundo, director of the department, was preparing to make a presentation when she heard gunfire outside. A gunman in a black ski mask and dressed all in black then burst through the door and started shooting.

Raymundo dropped to the floor and huddled under a table with other colleagues as bullets sprayed the room that had been decked out with a Christmas tree, ornaments and other seasonal decor.

“It’s constant shots and constant firing, and all you can think of is, ‘Why don’t they stop?'” Raymundo said Monday in her first public comments since the slaughter. “It was just endless.”

County health employees had trained for an active-shooter scenario a year earlier in the same room.

“Everyone was trying to be quiet and not draw attention to themselves as they were trained to do, to try to find as much protection as you can,” said Corwin Porter, assistant director of the department. “Unfortunately the room just didn’t provide a whole lot of protection.”

Family members of witnesses said the initial gunfire lasted about 30 seconds and then the shooters reloaded and fired again before fleeing without saying a word.

“Be quiet and not draw attention.” That was how “experts” trained them to deal with a live shooter! They were “prepared” for a shooter because they knew how to escape notice.

Notice that the premise of this strategy is that you hope a co-worker will panic and draw fire away from you. It is the opposite of loving your neighbor.

Again, I understand if someone doesn’t prepare for a mass shooting. But don’t tell me that you prepared and were trained to deal with the situation by being quiet and not drawing attention to yourself!

Our leaders have convinced many of us that cowering is a strategy.

Carrying a firearm is a strategy. Quietly waiting under a table is called giving up.