How the Security State Makes Us Easy Prey for Criminals

A Saint Louis robbery shows how national security policy at stadiums provides us as easy prey for the lawless.

Missouri has concealed carry for those with a permit. But sports are a major activity in St. Louis. Thanks to the security state, the government basically gives criminals a happy hunting ground of unarmed potential victims. Anyone who drives into St. Louis and parks their vehicle to go to a game knows that he or she will have to go through a metal detector. Women aren’t even allowed to bring their purses with them.

So the result is hundreds and thousands of guaranteed unarmed people making their way back to their vehicles at night after a game.

Here is the story of a couple of them from KMOV: “Veteran shot, paralyzed during armed robbery following Cardinals game.”

An Army veteran has been paralyzed after he was shot during an armed robbery Friday night outside the Old Cathedral.

“My son lives in Houston and asked me ‘Mom, what do you want for your birthday?’ I said I wanted to go to a game with all of you, all my boys,” said Candis Sanna, the victim’s mother. “And this is what happens.”

Around 10:30 p.m., Chris Sanna and his girlfriend were walking to their vehicle near Walnut Street and Memorial Drive when a black sedan pulled up to them. Two male suspects were inside the black sedan. The driver of the sedan exited the vehicle and demanded the victims’ property at gunpoint.

“After she gave him her purse, he pulled a gun,” Candis said. “That’s when they turned to run, and he shot at them twice.”

The bullet went through Chris’ liver, spine, and lungs. He was taken to the hospital and was listed in stable condition. But the Sanna family says it’s the brazenness of the crime that has them shaken up.

The mother begged the mayor to do “more,” but what needs to happen is the stupid disarmament state needs to stop erecting so many gun free zones that give criminals confidence that we are easy prey.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)