How to Push the Democrats Over the Fiscal Cliff

In “All Clear,” Episode 19 of Foyle’s War, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle’s son Andrew returns home from the war. Andrew was an RAF pilot. Many of his fellow-fliers were killed. He was one of the few that made it back, and he wonders why. This was typical of returning soldiers. “Why me?,” they often asked.

His father remarks, “Perhaps you were the better pilot.” Andrew disagrees.

He tells his father that the better pilots were predictable. The Germans expected them to fly a certain way. The less skilled pilots were unpredictable because they “didn’t fly by the book.” The Germans had a more difficult time bringing them down “because they didn’t know what to expect.”

What does this have to do about pushing the Democrats over the fiscal cliff? Obama expects the Republicans to give into his tax-hike demands. “I’m pretty confident that Republicans would not hold middle-class taxes hostage in trying to protect tax cuts for high-income individuals,” Obama told Barbara Walters in a recent interview.

What else can they do? If they don’t go along, taxes will go up on everybody, and the Republicans will be blamed. Obama will then push for a middle-class tax cut, for which he’ll get the credit, even though it won’t be a tax cut. It will only take us back to George W. Bush’s tax cuts.

The Republicans should do the unexpected. Don’t govern by the GOP playbook. Propose an across-the-board tax cut for everybody. In addition, they should call for a ten-percent across-the-board cut in spending. No exceptions, not even for the military.

How should the Republicans position a call for tax cuts? Keep insisting that our debt problem is not the result of falling revenues because of lower tax revenues but of increased spending. The facts are on the side of the Republicans.

The unemployment rate is said to be down to 7.7 percent. Obama is selling the American people on the belief that his policies are working. What is not being calculated is under-employment and the number of people who have stopped looking for work. That number is more than14 percent.

Point out that the majority of new jobs are government jobs. That’s what’s keeping the “official” unemployment number down.

Paul Kengor, writing in the American Spectator, identifies the sleight of hand:

“The numbers show a massive increase in government jobs created over the last five months — 621,000, to be exact, dwarfing private-sector job growth. Those new government jobs account for a staggering 73% of overall job growth. In all, it means that 20.6 million citizens now work for government, out of 143 million people employed in America — or one in seven Americans.”

Every one of these government jobs is a direct tax-payer subsidy to the Democrat Party.

The Democrats keep telling us that we should go back to the Clinton era of prosperity. What they and the media never mention is that it was the Republicans, under House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich, that cut government spending. Clinton fought the Republicans at every turn:

“It was Bill Clinton who, during the big budget fight in 1995, had to submit not one, not two, but five budgets until he begrudgingly matched the GOP’s balanced-budget plan. In fact, during the height of the budget wars in the summer of 1995, the Clinton administration admitted that ‘balancing the budget is not one of our top priorities.’”

The Republicans are also big spenders, just not as big as Democrats. The next unpredictable thing the Republicans need to do is repent of their profligate spending ways. Not only should they take an oath to cut taxes; but they should take an oath not to propose a single penny in new spending for at least ten years.

Do the unexpected.