How Todd Aiken Beat the GOP Establishment and May Win in Missouri

I’ve written repeatedly that you can’t win a fight if you’re not in the ring. My anti-GOP and “no lesser than two evil” friends are complaining from the sidelines that the GOP is just like the Democrats. “If this is true,” I tell them, “then change it.” It’s easier for them to bellyache from the sidelines and watch the ship of state go down. They believe that with Barack Obama in for another four years things will go from bad to worse. When this happens, the people will finally come to their senses and pick their messianic candidate who will bring out nation back to its founding principles.

I’ve been hearing this kind of talk for more than 30 years. No viable alternative to the two major parties has ever been built. The libertarians have been working at the local level trying to win seats. As far as I know, there is no national movement working to supplant the GOP. It’s all rhetoric.

I’d rather take over what has already been built than start from scratch. The way you day that is stay and fight. Outlast the opposition. Pick off the opposition one candidate at a time. We’ve seen it happen since 2010.

Then there’s Todd Aiken who’s running against Democrat Claire McCaskill in Missouri. He got in trouble over an impolitic comment about abortion. He was attacked from all sides. Instead of whining about what happened to him (partly his fault) and quitting like so many pressured him to do, he stayed in the fight. And guess what? He’s beaten back the GOP establishment — even big-money-pockets Karl Rove who viciously attacked Akin on Fox News. Consider the following from Drew Zahn at WND:

After a much-publicized gaffe and efforts by GOP leadership to kill his campaign, Republican Senate contender Rep. Todd Akin is back, with a new poll showing him surging ahead of incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri.


Only a month ago, Akin was trailing in polls by roughly 6 percent. But according to a Wenzel Strategies poll taken over the weekend, Akin has surged to a four-point lead, 48.9 to 44.7, with a plus-or-minus 3.07 margin of error. Nearly 87 percent of respondents said they were “firm in choice.”

Even Newsweek was shocked by Akin’s political sustainability in light of the constant attacks from inside his own party:

“Todd Akin: Lazarus Rises in Missouri.” The article summed it up: “He was left for dead. He could win – and change the Senate.”

The whiners would have brushed the dust of their feet, cursed the GOP, and moved on to political irrelevancy. If Aiken wins, it will show that you can only win if you stay and fight. Consider what he had going against him. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan called Akin and urged to drop out of the race for the good of the party in helping the GOP win back the Senate. Campaign funds dried up from the GOP. “Ann Coulter even called Akin a ‘selfish swine’ for continuing his race.”

It might be a worn out cliché, but it’s still true: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”