How “Women’s Liberation” Has Only Made More Tax Slaves

Last month, Michelle Obama wrote an article in Elle magazine offering 5 reasons to re-elect her husband. A few of her reasons had to do with how Barack has women’s interests at heart, and that he’s been working hard for women’s rights. Her first reason people should vote for her husband was that “he’s fighting for equal pay for women”:

 “Barack was raised by a single mom who struggled to pay the bills, and by a grandmother who worked hard at her job but hit a glass ceiling and watched men she actually trained climb the career ladder ahead of her. As the father of two girls, he wants to make sure that all our daughters grow up with the same opportunities as our sons and are treated fairly in the workplace. That’s why the first bill he signed as president was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act to help women get equal pay for equal work. “

 They’ve been convincing women for decades now that they deserve more pay.

“Equal pay” just means more tax revenue. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the entire women’s liberation movement had nothing to do with making sure women were treated better and more fairly in our society. It had nothing to do with ensuring women got “equal pay.” It had everything to do with being able to double the taxing population by convincing women that they were victims of a male-dominated society where men got to do whatever they wanted, and that women were forced to stay at home to be lowly housewives and mothers. The women’s liberation movement sought to get women as far away from the home as possible and into the workplace so that the State could not only tax twice the number of people, but also to take over as a parent to her kids. How’s that for “women’s rights?”

And I’m not saying that the way things were in the 50’s is necessarily the way things should be today. Women (particularly wives) have been mistreated and disrespected by not only society, but more importantly by their husbands. When husbands stopped appreciating their wives for the hard and thankless work they accomplished on a day to day basis, when they stopped being devoted to their wives, adoring them and loving them in an understanding way, the effect was that women felt, well…unappreciated, left out and weak. Men were and are used to being pat on the back, shown appreciation or given awards and pay raises at their jobs. Women weren’t and aren’t shown the same attention by their husbands.

But the answer should not have “women’s liberation.” The answer is simple, but nearly impossible to accomplish in this culture. It’s not something that can just be enacted by Congress or Executive Order. If husbands had taken their roles as husband and father (not just breadwinner) as seriously as their wives had taken theirs, there never would have been a void for women to fill. Now, millions of women have been ensnared by this movement’s promise to make them feel empowered and appreciated, but all it really wanted was to make them into tax slaves and to take a more active role as parent to their children. Unfortunately, men don’t really have anyone to blame but themselves. Be better husbands and fathers, and we’ll have better daughters and wives.