HULU — “Controversial” Ads Are Not Allowed

Hulu television streaming service is very popular.  I watch HULU, and I hate the ads.  But I am not willing to pay an additional $4 a month to subscribe ad-free.

Since advertising revenue is crucial to the streaming service’s business model, it is perplexing when the company refuses ads that it deems “controversial.”  According to World Magazine, here’s what happened:

Online streaming service Hulu has refused to air commercials produced by Students for Life of America (SFLA) that encourage women to seek healthcare somewhere other than Planned Parenthood. 

In an attempt to reach women who might not normally see pro-life material, SFLA created two ads that note Planned Parenthood’s close association with abortion and refer women to a federally funded healthcare center, of which there are more than 13,000 across the country. The ads target women unsure about abortion but wary of pro-life organizations. SFLA wanted the ads to function like a public service announcement, instead of a “pro-life vs. pro-choice” campaign. 

SFLA first discussed advertising with a Hulu representative in May. In early June, Hulu sent SFLA a proposal—including prices—to reach its target audience. But when SFLA submitted the ads in October, Hulu refused to accept them.

Hulu representatives claim that the ad was rejected because the service avoids having to do with guns, gambling, marijuana, or abortion. But the company knew about the content of the ads at the time when the students first contacted them, and nothing about the restriction was mentioned.  And Hulu has run Planned Parenthood ads in the past.  It is obvious that abortion can be discussed in an ad; it just has to have a pro-abortion slant.

It is a shame that Hulu is not really pro-choice.  If they were, they would allow ads from both sides of the abortion issue and give women the chance to make decision for themselves when they have all the facts!