More Hypocrisy about the Constitution in the Senate

The hypocrisy is getting so blatant that it is impossible not to call it out.


Today I was sincerely pondering the command not to “speak evil of a ruler of your people”. When the Apostle Paul recites that in Acts 23, he has merely spoken “truth to power”: He called out the High Priest for violating the law.

I’m being honest here… I clearly have some studying to do on that point, and undoubtedly a lot more repenting.

That said, leadership in America today denigrates its offices by their own actions—over and over and over and over. When they lie so easily—when they appeal to the law and the Constitution only when it supports their desires, and despise them at all other times—they spread cynicism and mistrust in the positions they hold. They give ammunition to those who say: “all politicians lie”—an incredibly dangerous thing for our national future; leaders must have the trust of the people, or the nation will be on the edge of collapse when a time of crisis arrives.

We need to stop electing politicians, and look for statesmen.

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The kind of thing recorded in this Daily Signal story needs to stop: “It Was Unconstitutional Before It Wasn’t: Democrats in Their Own Words.”

To be clear, the Constitution says that revenue bills have to originate in the House.  It is silent on spending or other bills.  So, as Heritage’s senior fellow in Economic Policy David Burton says, “Durbin’s assertion that spending bills must originate in the House under the Constitution was just wrong.”

And that is perhaps the ultimate hypocrisy.  What is “constitutional” or “unconstitutional” according to Senate Democrats seems to depend on the outcome they are aiming for.  In this case they are calling something constitutional that they previously said was unconstitutional in order to allow something truly unconstitutional to happen. If you can follow that logic, you should apply for a job in Washington.

I call on the President, the Senate, the House, and the courts to repent—your evil is destroying us. Stop exalting earthly power over eternal righteousness and truth. Do what is right, not what is expedient, or personally profitable. Turn back to the One who made this nation’s birth possible, and seek His mercy by which all of us may be saved. No sin is beyond the greatness of His grace. Repent.

Undoubtedly I have my own repenting to do. God help us all.