Hypocrisy: The U.S. Has Used Chemical Weapons on Civilians Too

The U.S. is also the only country that’s ever used nuclear weapons against civilians, while making sure that countries like Iran never obtain them. Why is OK for the U.S. to use nukes on innocent civilians, but it’s wrong for Iran to want them, to the point that the officials in our government have been threatening to bomb Iran for years now?

I would argue that these “justifications” for going to war (i.e., Assad using chemical weapons on civilians, Iran obtaining nukes, etc.) are all false pretenses. The U.S. government doesn’t actually care that Iran might want nukes. Iran’s neighbors all have nukes, and no one seems to care about that. And on the chemical weapons charge, the U.S. has used chemical weapons on civilians as well, so Assad allegedly using them shouldn’t outrage any official in our government.

Global Research pointed out 10 instances where the U.S. or its allies used chemical weapons against innocent civilians:

  • The U.S. military dumped 20 million gallons of chemicals on Vietnam from 1962 – 1971
  • Israel attacked Palestinian civilians with white phosphorus in 2008 – 2009
  • Washington attacked Iraqi civilians with white phosphorous in 2004
  • The CIA helped Saddam Hussein massacre Iranians and Kurds with chemical weapons in 1988
  • The Army tested chemicals on residents of poor, black St. Louis neighborhoods in the 1950’s
  • Police fired tear gas at Occupy protesters in 2011
  • The FBI attacked men, women and children with tear gas in Waco in 1993
  • The U.S. military littered Iraq with toxic depleted uranium in 2003
  • The U.S. military killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians with napalm from 1944 – 1945
  • The U.S. government dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities in 1945

Usually when someone brings these issues up, the retort is something like, “Oh, you’re one of those blame-America-firsters, aren’t you?” or “Why do you hate America so much?”

It’s not I that hates America. It’s those in power. They’re the ones calling the shots. They’re the ones destroying America and Her reputation around the world. I love America, but I hate what those in power have done to Her.

The Obama administration is desperately tugging at America’s heartstrings to convince us that we need to bomb Syria, because Assad has used chemical weapons (assuming government officials are telling the truth). But so have lots of countries around the world, including our own. And maybe that’s why Americans aren’t buying the propaganda this time.

So next time you hear John Kerry’s self-righteous rants about how “Assad’s behavior will not be tolerated,” or “Oh, all the children!” just remember about all the times our corrupt government or the governments of our allies have committed atrocities just as evil or more so than what they’re accusing Assad of and thought nothing of it.