Hypocritical Protests Against White Student Union At University

In addition to a Black Student Union and a Latino Student Union, Georgia State University now has a White Student Union, founded by GSU student Patrick Sharp.

Bet you’ll never guess what the White Student Union is being called by other students. “Totally cool and acceptable!”

No, just kidding. It’s being called racist and has been likened to Nazism.

So far the group has only attracted six other members. Mr. Sharp attributes that to the low student populace in the summer, and he expects the membership to increase when the fall semester begins.

I wouldn’t bet on it. There are almost as many black students at GSU as white students (35 percent versus 38 percent), so I’m sure many white students are feeling, and will still feel in the fall, too intimidated to join.

Sharp put up flyers around his school to announce the White Student Union, which, he says, is just a group for white people who, like the blacks in the Black Student Union and the Latinos in the Latino Student Union, are proud of their ancestry.

Of course he had to have expected the controversy it would cause, being surrounded by thin-skinned liberals inculcated to resent white history and, by extension, whites.

There’s a weird idea liberals have about racism that contradicts the actual definition of the word. They say that it is literally impossible to be racist against whites—even if you explicitly state, “I hate whites because of their race”—because whites are not a minority and/or they haven’t been discriminated against or oppressed.

Why does it matter what an ancestor went through? And why does it matter how widespread the problem was? Who can measure in precise numbers how bad the problem was? Who gets to determine what the minimum number of cases of oppression there must have been against equally pigmented folks a long time ago in order to claim victim status now? From how large of a sampling do we find the percentage of oppressed people? If my uncle had what liberals like to call a “progressive” attitude toward all races, but he was mugged and beaten to near death by a pack of ten blacks…well, he’s my ancestor, isn’t he? And he was oppressed and victimized by blacks, was he not? Liberals, if they were consistent, would equate this as my having a history of being oppressed and victimized, and that, because of this, I should be afforded the extra right to form a White Student Union.

But liberals aren’t consistent. And such a definition of racism is itself discriminatory and oppressive! It says that whites must repress their feelings because their feelings don’t matter. That is oppressive. That is discriminatory. Therefore, by their own definition, it’s racist.

Protesting the existence of a White Student Union but not of other race-centered groups is perfectly fine. It’s racist against whites, yes, but I have no problem with it. Honestly. But let’s call it what it is, you hypocrites.