Hysteria Much? Dems Call Tea Party “Radical Terrorists.”

Calling the opposition “radical terrorists” or “a terrorist organization” is proof of hysterical hate. We need to remember that, while the press pretends Republicans are the “haters,” they only do so by projecting the Democrat mindset onto conservatives.

(Thanks to Ian Tuttle at the National Review blog for bringing this to our attention.)

Here is a translation provided by the Hispanic Federation of Texas Republicans:

These two flags represent friendship, liberty, opportunity and justice. This flag is very dangerous: It is the flag of Tea Party Republicans. They are radical terrorists who want to take issues into their own hands, harming our kids and families with violence and firearms on the border and in our cities. Tuesday, November 4th, is Election Day, and it is our only opportunity to make our voice count for our common good. Vote Democrat.

fearmongeringThe San Antonio news credits one Manuel Medina with the understanding how fear can bring out the vote.

That’s why the Bexar County Democratic Party chairman launched a new Spanish-language ad last Thursday on Univision, implying that tea party Republicans rank up there with ISIS as the organization most likely to behead us in our sleep.

The Univision airtime was bankrolled (to the tune of $25,000) by personal-injury attorney Thomas J. Henry, who has also made a big splash in the Bexar County district attorney race by donating more than $1.2 million to Democratic candidate Nico LaHood.


Medina defended the ad — which he created himself — by saying, “The tea party is not a political party. They’re a terrorist organization.”

Medina said he approached Henry a week ago for funding help with the so-called “Protect San Antonio” spot, because the party chairman realized that local Democrats hadn’t tapped the older, Spanish-speaking audience that gravitates to Univision.

So the liar defends his lying by repeating his lie. This is from the same political party who thought that any mention of Barack Obama’s association with Bill Ayers was beyond the pale.

I remember well in 2008 how state Democrats in Missouri set up an intimidation network to threaten Republicans with legal action for campaigning against Barack Obama. They acted like they needed to protect the candidate from GOP “falsehoods.”

Yes, they care soooo much about the truth.

So just save file this one under, “There Is No Lie Too Filthy for a Democrat to Tell to Win.”