“I Don’t Care What Weiner Does as Long as He Votes My Way”

Everyone’s talking about the Weiner (Carlos Danger) sexting controversy. At the same time people are tepidly condemning “Carlos,” they are praising the put-upon wife, Huma.

Many are saying not to judge the couple. We have no right to judge. We don’t know what’s in their hearts.

Well folks, if you’re looking for a judgment free zone, you better look elsewhere.

How can anyone possibly trust this man with the purse strings and safety of arguably the country’s most prominent and important city?

Well, that’s an easy one to answer. The people excusing him and defending his wife, Huma “Rodham” Abedin, are the same liberals that excused and defended Bill and Hillary. They just don’t care, as long as the liberal/progressive agenda is moved forward.

Weiner and wife are the embodiment of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

They kind of condemned Bill while putting Hillary up on a pedestal.

I’d actually like to comment more on Huma rather than the salacious details of the disgusting dog, Carlos.

Just look at Huma’s two most important female role models. Her mother, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hillary, a consummate liar and hanger-on.

Is Huma practicing Islamic Taqiya, the art of deception when dealing with non-muslims or is she working from Hillary’s victim playbook.

Well, it at least appears that Huma is the 21st century Hillary. She is perfectly willing to be a doormat for Carlos Danger. She, like Hillary, appears to have a business relation with her husband. Within reason, Weiner, like Bill, can do whatever he wants as long as Huma is along for the ride.

That may all depend on how far he gets. She may give the boot if he loses.

But if Weiner is elected Uma had better clear her schedule and be ready to work. Like Hillary, she will spend all her time squashing bimbo eruptions.

Like Hillary, Huma “Rodham” Abedin appears to me to be power hungry. She must have visions of power and control, just like her mentor Hillary. Like Hillary, she will be repaid for her husband’s many transgressions. Maybe a New York senator or even Secretary of State?

Meanwhile, the female liberal press is fawning over Huma Rodham. These liberal feminist women are defending and actually heralding her as a hero. It’s really quite telling when a so-called feminist will defend her behavior. One would expect them to insist the Huma kick the predator (to a feminist, all men are inherent predators) to the curb. It’s just more proof that liberal feminists are just liberals, not feminist. Just look at whom the liberals hold up as paragons of virtue, of examples of strong women, two door mats like Huma and Hillary. Yet at the same time these very liberals will trash real life strong women such as Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann.

An honest feminist would embrace the latter and jettison the former. But remember, liberals are liberals first and then whatever else they claim to be second.

Also recall that Hillary was never more popular than when she appeared to be trod upon. And she is well aware of how to capitalize on her “victim hood.”

Hillary, the Sith Lord, may even be coaching Huma, the apprentice.

This is nothing more than politics. Does she love Carlos? Maybe, but who cares. It doesn’t seem to matter to her. This is the penultimate “Ends Justify the Means.”

I wonder for women like this; what their breaking point is? I wonder if there is a line they won’t cross?