“I Pledge Allegiance to Obama”

I had heard about the flag print seen to the right but did not bother to look into it. I read something vague saying that someone replaced the blue part of the American flag with the Obama symbol and turned the red stripes into what the shower curtains in Psycho would look like were that movie made in color. And people on Twitter were expressing outrage over it while I thought to myself, So? It’s disrespectful to the flag—I understood that—but lots of people disrespect the country every day. What’s it have to do with Obama?

I didn’t think it was a big deal since there are loads of people who have done stupid things to their own private American flags. One instance I remember was when the Lake County Democratic headquarters in Florida flew a flag that had replaced the blue portion of the American flag with Obama’s face, tinged blue. The only outrage I felt over that was that Obama denounced neither the actions of the LCD nor the flag.

So now we have this new flag. I was thinking it was just another instance of an artist hoping to be the next famous sycophantic graphic-design god, a la Shepard Fairey.

But then it turned out that it’s actually being sold on Obama’s own website for $35.

Let’s think on what kind of a person would approve of altering Old Glory in such a way that the fifty states, represented by fifty stars, are replaced by his own personal logo representing himself. How about a person consumed and preoccupied entirely with himself? Someone who’s not only reached levels of narcissism never before seen in any president prior, but also someone with no respect whatsoever for the flag of his country. And on top of the offense of changing the flag and using it for self-service, he’s making money off of it and using that money for his re-election campaign.

I suppose I shouldn’t have expected any better from someone who twiddled his thumbs during the National Anthem in 2008 while the other Democratic candidates and audience put their hands over their hearts in reverence and loyalty.

This presidency is getting creepier and creepier.