Identify Wanted Criminals By Age But Not Race!

If you want to catch a bad guy, you need to know what he looks like. “A teenager” is not a good enough description, nor is the knowledge of the man’s height and weight.

The most immediately noticeable feature about humans–what we all first notice with but a fleeting glance—is skin color. A 17-year-old black kid in a crowd of middle-aged white men should not be pointed out as “that teenager over there, you see him? The five-foot-eleven kid.” He should be identified by the thing that most singles him out: “the black kid.”

The same goes for a white teenager in a crowd of black men. If you want to spare a lot of confusion, you would refer to him as “the white kid,” not “the skinny chap over there,” because it is his skin color that most differentiates him from the others surrounding him.

In Greenville, SC, police are looking for a pack of 20 “teenagers” whom they suspect are all involved in three separate crimes: vandalism at a restaurant, an attempted robbery, and an assault. If there were reward money, I’d drive down there and perform a citizen’s arrest on the first teenager I see, since “teenagers” are the only descriptor we’re given in the news report from Greenville’s NBC affiliate.

Luckily there is security footage to put a stop to the political correctness the reporters engaged in to avoid reporting all the facts, and the fact that the footage reveals is that all the teens are black.

According to the 2010 census, 31.54 percent of Greenville residents are black, so the information that the teens are part of that 31 percent saves Greenville residents a lot of strain on their eyes. Now they only have a third of the population to look at rather than scrutinizing every citizen.

This story comes out at the same time as another one about a pack of unruly teenagers, also black, this time in Jacksonville, FL.

A 56-year-old white man was walking home with his groceries after getting off the bus, when he was approached from behind, knocked to the ground with a stick, and repeatedly stomped on in the middle of the street by 10 or 15 “African-American kids,” according to a witness.

But you can’t accuse the witness of being a racist, for she herself is black. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear that those rap-music-listening thugs will celebrate their next Friday night getting drunk in the middle of the street all over her beaten body, and her fiancé are actually the ones who saved the man. The two of them approached the animals and, according to her, they “scattered like ants.” Cockroaches might have been a better insect comparison, but to each his own.

If the woman hadn’t mentioned that the thugs were black, we’d never know it. The media certainly wouldn’t have shared that important fact.

Hey, wait a minute…15 attackers? Quick, someone contact the White House and tell them we have another reason why the number of rounds in a gun magazine should not be limited to ten!