Identity Theft To Skyrocket Under Obamacare

Have you ever been the victim of identity theft?  If so, you know the nightmare it creates having to contact everyone and every company you do business with. You have to contact the banks and get them to close your accounts and set up new ones.  Anyone you have to make auto payments to have to be notified and those auto pays re-established with the new account.  Employers have to be notified to change direct deposits.  All of the businesses and utilities that you pay on line have to have all new information set up.  Depending on your bank or safety measures, identity theft can cost you thousands of dollars to fix.

Currently, about 8 million Americans a year have their identity stolen.  All someone needs is your name, home address, date of birth and Social Security number and they can steal your identity and if you have not taken measures to protect themselves, they can take everything you own before you know it.

If you’ve never been the victim of identity theft, you best be prepared for and check with your banks as to what measures you need to take to protect yourself.  Why?  Because Obamacare will put millions more Americans at risk of having their identity stolen.

The Department of Health and Human Services is shelling out millions of taxpayer dollars to more than 100 groups that will be contacting you and demanding your personal information for the Obamacare exchanges.  Not only will they want your name, address, birthday and SSN, they want to know names of family members, employment information of everyone living in the house, financial information, medical history and current issues.

If that makes you uneasy, just wait.  Currently, there is no screening process of those individuals that will be asking you for all of your personal information.  They will not have a background check, no fingerprint check and no real oversight.  Basically, there are no safeguards concerning the people collecting your information or what they are liable to do with it.

As Mark Hyman of Behind The Headlines summed it up:

“You might as well as give your information to the widow of that Nigerian oil minister that emailed you.”

He also points out that thirteen state attorney generals have joined together in sending a letter of concern to the Obama administration.  They are more than aware of the increased danger of identity theft occurring when just any person hired off the street is given access to people’s personal information.  So far, the Obama administration has not bothered to answer their concerns.

Once your information has been collected, it will be stored in HHS data facilities.  HHS recently conducted a review of those data facilities to see just how secure your personal information will be.  They have not disclosed the results of that review, but since they refuse to share it with their own inspector general, we can only surmise that the review was not very satisfactorily.

That means there are no safeguards concerning the people collecting your personal information and then the safeguards in storing that information is also lacking or not very secure.  The bottom line is that thanks to Obamacare, the number of incidents of identity theft will be a lot more than the 8 million per year now.  I wonder if Obama has stock in companies like LifeLock?