If Abortion Is OK, then Why Shouldn’t Women Conceive In Order to Sell Livers and Brains?

People who claim abortion is OK should prove they mean it by advocating that women get pregnant just so they can sell the baby parts.

Supposedly there is some vast difference between a stillborn baby and an aborted fetus. But if Planned Parenthood is really so confident of that “fact” (which is really just a stupid lie), then why don’t they go all the way?

I was reminded of the issue by the release of the eighth video from the Center for Medical Progress.

As Life News reports, “StemExpress CEO Admits Planned Parenthood Makes a Killing Selling Aborted Babies.”

Today’s installment focuses on one luncheon meeting with actors posing as representatives of a biotech company and StemExpress’ CEO Cate Dyer.

Dyer explains how her relationship with Planned Parenthood has been a profitable one because of the increasing demand for fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood provides the volume they need to keep up with the demand, which StemExpress struggles to fill. Fetal livers, in particular are in such great demand that her business cannot keep up.

Dyer was seeking a partnership with the actors, hoping to increase her supply of fetal tissue products.

“What would make your lab happy?” the buyer asked.

“Another fifty livers a week,” Dyer responded without hesitation.

“We’re working with, you know, almost triple digit number of clinics. So it’s a lot on volume, and we still need more than what we do. So it’s a lot,” she said.

According to Dyer, StemExpress does about half their fetal tissue procurement business with Planned Parenthood and the other half with “independent” abortion clinics. But she explained, “Planned Parenthood has volume, because they’re a volume institution.”

Dyer also affirms in the video that the organ harvesting trade has been “profitable” for clinics. It is nice to have that confession on video, but it is nothing new. Look at this brochure produced by StemExpress to convince Planned Parenthood clinics to start selling them livers and tell me there isn’t anything profitable about it!

stemexpress brochure


So that gets me thinking. If Abortion is completely right and moral and legal, and if selling baby organs of these aborted “fetuses” is completely right and moral and legal, why shouldn’t women make some regular income? They can conceive babies, and let them grow until their organs reach the most preferable price point, and then go sell the baby parts. The clinics will resist at first because they want to keep the money, but eventually one will start sharing the money for the sake of the volume they can produce. Then everyone can make money and the “scientists” can get their regular number of livers (and brains and lungs, etc) every month.

So would that be wrong? All you people who think abortion is ok: Do you have a problem with women conceiving babies (Oh, excuse me: conceiving “fetuses”) in order to abort them and harvest their organs for money? If you have a problem with it, then I suspect you know in your heart that your justification of abortion is a lie.