If Bernie Sanders Will Bring Gridlock Maybe He’d Be Better than Hillary Clinton

Make no mistake, I think both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would be horrible Presidents. I’m not suggesting that conservatives do anything for or against one or the other except try to make sure both are defeated.

But in the video above it is interesting to see why Hillary Clinton opposes Bernie Sanders and his universal healthcare plan. Not because it is harmful, unjust, and based on delusion. No. The only problem is that it will never happen. Bernie Sanders will give us gridlock.

According to the New York Times, Bill Clinton is campaigning the same way.

But on health care, he took a more direct criticism of Mr. Sanders’s plan: “I don’t want to talk about the merits, I want to talk about the practical reality here.”

What followed was the legislative history of the Affordable Care Act in which he listed the difficulty in simply getting it passed […].

That history lesson was part of Mr. Clinton’s argument that Mr. Sanders’s plan for a single-payer health care system was simply not feasible.

“It’s a recipe for gridlock,” Mr. Clinton said.

Gridlock would be wonderful. Without gridlock we get trillion-dollar bipartisan spending bills that no one in Congress bothers to read before they pass it.

As Bob Allen wrote, gridlock was the whole point of the Constitution. He wrote of Obama:

Congress was intentionally designed to restrain men blinded by a lust for power, and far too enamored with their own “goodness and rightness”—to slow them down from tyrannical behavior. The 17th Amendment was a colossal error, in beginning to destroy the brilliance of the system the Founder’s gave us, and I pray to God you are restrained from doing any further damage. Freedom means allowing people to work out their own vision of how things should be—and that concept made America the envy of the world.

We need more gridlock, not less.