If Bush Era Is Over Why Is Hillary Clinton Inevitable?

Republicans are through with Bushes but Hillary Clinton has the nomination locked.

The Bush era is over, writes Edward Luce in the Financial Times:

Jeb’ll fix it” is the latest mantra of Jeb Bush’s flailing campaign. Whatever problem America faces, Florida’s former governor has the nous to solve it. Alas, Jeb’s reinvention as a regular Joe with a toilet plunger is unlikely to fix his own campaign. Just one in 25 Republican voters now support him. Big donors are looking elsewhere. At some point, there will be autopsies. Proximate causes will leap out (his awkwardness on the stump would rank highly). Yet it is increasingly clear that his campaign was doomed before it began. No matter how hard Jeb tries to distance himself from the Bush name, it cannot match how far he needs to go.

I think most conservatives will agree with this. They want a candidate who is more interested in defending the Constitution, the middle class, and heterosexual marriage.

In contrast, for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton seems once again inevitable. According to the Des Moines Register,

It’s hard to foresee a result other than the Hillary Clinton juggernaut winning Iowa unless something major blows up in the presidential race, Democratic activists say.

As another pivot point approaches in the form of Saturday’s nationally televised debate in Iowa, Clinton has an enviably strong polling position, a money edge, a determined organizing crew, perceived depth on issues and the power of the establishment behind her.

“Right now, the overall Democratic dynamic seems pretty clear, and the momentum is with Hillary,” political strategist David Axelrod told The Des Moines Register. “A win in Iowa effectively could augur an early end to the nominating fight.”

There are hints in the story that Clinton’s chances of success may be exaggerated, but the consensus seems to be that, despite her scandals and despite Obama Administration opposition, she’s the only one who can win the nomination.

If so, it shows you the difference between conservatism and liberalism. Because conservatism believes society is maintained by the people themselves it doesn’t require a big-name politician. In fact, Republicans are gravitating toward anti-politicians. But, for Democrats, all hope resides in a political hero who can fix everything wrong with society.

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So while “Jeb will fix it” has no appeal for Conservatives, “Hillary will fix it” appeals to Democrat religion.