If Gun Control is About Reducing Violence Then Let’s Ban Microwaves, Cars and Kitchen Spatulas

After being embarrassingly defeated in the Democratic controlled Senate on his anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment bills, President Barack Obama has vowed to continue to his fight to reduce violence in the United States.  He still contends that the defeated anti-gun laws have the sole purpose of reducing gun related violence and make our nation safer.  The rest of the liberal Democrats echo his claims and also vows to push again and again to rid our nation of these evil inanimate items that cause people to kill other people.

Well, we just saw this week that strict laws banning bombs didn’t stop the horrendous carnage in Boston, but somehow that doesn’t matter to the liberals.

Therefore I contend that if they are going to be consistent in their claims about reducing violence in our nation, then they need to ban a whole list of things that have been used as weapons.  Topping the list is knives, swords, baseball bats and automobiles.  Yes, people purposely run others off the road and even run over others on purpose.  Cars kill over 30,000 Americans a year, accidentally and on purpose, so doesn’t that mean we need to ban cars in order to save thousands of lives?

Here’s a list of other murder weapons that, following the logic of the Democrats, should also be banned:

Microwaves – In 2005, China Arnold of Ohio got so drunk that she placed her 28-day-old baby, Paris Talley, in the microwave and cooked her to death.

Kitchen Spatulas – Hundreds of kids know the terror of an angry mom wielding a kitchen spatula.  At worst, it results is a spanking which can be well deserved.  However, Angeles Cadillo-Castro of Salt Lake City went beyond the normal spanking of her 5 year old daughter Stephanie Guadalupe Espindola-Cadillo.  In July of 2010, Angeles beat her daughter so severely that the spatula broke into pieces.  According to reports, after the spatula broke, she picked up other kitchen utensils and continued to beat her daughter to death.  The official cause of death was exsanguination – she bled to death from the beating.  Therefore, we need to ban kitchen spatulas and a number of other kitchen utensils.

Corkscrews – It’s not just a movie murder weapon, but a corkscrew was used in real life to murder 55 year old Murat St. Hilare of Brooklyn.  Relatives found his body in his apartment along with the corkscrew that had been jabbed into his temple, killing him.  Guess all of the wine connoisseurs will have to figure out a new way to open their vino.

Toilet Tank Lids – In 2008, 49 year old Marvin Joseph Hill of Knoxville was having an affair with 28 year old Christina Jeanette Eubanks.  The two of them got into an argument and before they could flush all of their problems away, Hill grabbed the lid off the toilet tank and bashed in Eubanks head.  He received a life sentence with possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 51 years, which would make him 100 years old.

Nail Guns – even though this murder took place in Australia, I couldn’t resist adding to the list of items that should be banned because they killed someone.  In 2009, the body of Chinese immigrant Chen Liu was discovered floating in the Georges River.  Autopsy revealed that he had 30 nails from an automatic nail gun in the back of his skull.  Remind anyone of the scene from Lethal Weapon 2?

Pickle Jars – Lids from toilet tanks and baseball bats aren’t the only things being used to bash in someone’s brains.  In 2010, 55 years old Duane Hurley raped 16 year old Daniel Kovarbasich.  Daniel retaliated by grabbing a 10 pound jar of pickles and repeatedly hitting Hurley in the head.  The abused teen’s rage did not subside and he then took out his pocket knife and began to repeatedly stab Hurley.  Not satisfied with his cruel retribution, Daniel then took a kitchen knife and again stabbed the dead man over and over.  So now we need to add pickle jars, pocket knives and kitchen knives to our list of dangerous weapons that kill people.

X-Box 360 & Astrology – I used to think that California and New York was home to most of the nation’s weirdoes, but Florida’s closing in on them.  Darrius Johnson, 22 years old attacked his girlfriend Monica Gooden and beat her with his X-box 360 until the X-box broke into small pieces.  Not believing she was dead, he used 3 different knives to finish the job.  Johnson told police that she had possession of his soul, that he had to sacrifice someone who was a Taurus and he believed Gooden was that person, so he sacrificed her to free his soul.  Turns out that Gooden was not a Taurus and though Johnson may believe his soul is free, he is not.

Each of these cases are tragic and I only made light of some of them to highlight the ridiculousness of trying to ban everything that could be used to murder someone else.  It’s obvious from all of this that it’s not the object that kills, but the person wielding the object.  The only thing that all of these murders had in common was people, not the weapons.

However, liberal Democrats and their blind followers will continue to say guns kill and that we need to ban guns and high capacity ammo clips.  They will continue to push for stricter gun control with no regard to the US Constitution and the rights it gives us.  Everything they are doing is in vain and will only increase violence, not reduce it.

I’ve said it over and over that the only thing that will reduce crime and violence in the US is for the nation and the people to return to God, the Bible and Jesus Christ.  These were the principle foundations upon which our nation was built.  That foundation has been ripped out from under the country and with it the morals and values that made our nation great.  In the absence of God there can only be evil and sin and that evil and sin will lead our nation to complete and utter destruction unless we as a people return to God.