If I Were Evil

I would sit in the pews of your churches and marvel at the youth available to me. I would make life easy, convenient, and without consequence. I would be an expert at division and subjugation. I would make most of you think I was right there with you; fighting for you and everything you want.

If I were evil, “traditional” would be a relative and scorned term; especially when it didn’t fit into the ever evolving puzzle called life. Mistakes would be successes and children a burden not a blessing. Nature would be our enemy not our warning. Logic would be hard to find and emotion would rule every minute of every day.

Your schools wouldn’t have a safe hiding place. Every classroom would be my playground. I would be in your children’s textbooks and their libraries. My ideas would be their candy store and your money (or everyone’s money) would pay to bring them closer to me. If I were evil, earthly happiness would be my ally. Reality would be my enemy and alternative views would be infinite.

I wouldn’t build weapons of mass destruction; governments would. Your food and water would be my weapon. Not your currency or your economy. Those things just seem to get in the way.

Technology would be my opiate: drawing you closer to an answer to your selfish questions that never arrives.

If I were evil very few people would ever look over their shoulder. They would always look forward to new beginnings and never dare to look back for fear of having to admit and atone for their human failures. Ever moving forward…….sometimes running, full sprint ………to me. If I were evil everybody would worship my benevolence and God would be an unspoken word. After all, if I were evil, faith would be my easiest target.

If I were evil, I would be unremarkable and irrelevant. I would be a shadow not a sunburst.

Evil doesn’t want your guns and bullets. It wants you to be addicted to your desires, legislated freedoms, and ambiguous rights. Evil wants you angry and violent: not thoughtful and forgiving. It desires for all of us to be obsessed with winning at all costs.

If I were evil I wouldn’t wear a Rolex, you would.  I would be born poor like Christ not blessed by Washington, D.C. and elite money. I wouldn’t pretend to have any educated answers just humble solutions.

I would put beautiful and sexy objects in your way so that decency and respect were victims to avarice and pride. I would be your quiet mistress: nothing but pillow talk and intellectual submission. And I would own your heart and soon your soul.

I am not evil. I have met evils minions from time to time in my life and yes, I have sampled its empty promises and detrimental outcomes. Barack Obama is not evil. He is a pawn of evil; intoxicated by its promise of legacy and fame. He’s just setting the table and he knows not what he is doing.