If Obama had a Son, He’d Look Like These Creeps

A Pinellas County, Florida, school bus driver has been taking a lot of criticism for not physically intervening on July 9 as a pack of teen brutes beat a 13-year-old boy who had refused to buy drugs from them.

The boy survived with a broken arm.

The bus driver, John Moody, who retired after witnessing the beating, can be heard on a video of the event calling for help over his radio.

Based on the little information released about the juveniles, at least one of them tried to sell drugs to the 13-year-old, who did the right thing and told an adult about it.

Presumably the punk got a slap on the wrist, then school officials let the stoners get on the school bus without telling the driver anything about what had happened at school.

The 64-year-old driver was criticized by the local law enforcement and others for not physically intervening, but based on the brutality of the teens seen in the video, in which they repeatedly stomp on their victim who is wedged under two seats, he did the smart thing.

Asking anyone to wade into that sort of cyclone of violence is asking a lot, but it’s especially dangerous for an older person to confront a screaming pack of youthful baboons.

The driver was unable to offer aid after the beating because the victim ran off.

So where’s President Obama?

When a black kid named Trayvon Martin, who was a pot-smoking wannabe gangsta, got shot by the non-white George Zimmerman, the president was all over it, even saying that if he had a son (publicly acknowledged), he would “look like Trayvon.” (Did Trayvon suck the pot smoke off the roof of his car like the young Obama did?)

Here we have an apparently innocent black child (as compared with the spoiling-for-a-fight Trayvon) who is badly beaten for doing what’s right in an incident that is being seen nationwide thanks to video,  and Obama is mum.

The boy didn’t die, so maybe that has something to do with it. As Rachel Jeantel put it during the post-court round of talks shows, this wasn’t a “bashing” (a fatal beating) but only an “ass-whupping,” which you’re supposed to just sit and take.

Or maybe, just maybe, Obama’s silence has to do with the perpetrators being black. That doesn’t advance the narrative of racial hatred, and it backs up the image of black communities being plagued by drug-related gang crime.

Also, these kids might have a little too much in common with President Obama, who in his youth, by his own admission, was a drug user and spent a lot of time hanging out with Frank Marshall Davis, who sold drugs from his hot dog cart.

Comparing a group of angry young drug-dealing black men with the president may just hit too close to home.