If Only Police Should Have Guns, Will We Be Safe?

Another story that should shake the faith of anyone who thinks only police should have guns.

Because only police should have guns. You see, they’re a special, angelic form of people who never shoot the innocent or gun someone down by accident.

Yeah, right.

From NBC 11: “Peachtree City police chief shoots wife.”

The wife of Peachtree City Police Chief William E. McCollom is in critical condition after being shot by her husband Thursday morning.

Police responded to the couple’s home in the 100 block of Autumn Leaf shortly after 4:15 a.m., where they found the victim, 58-year-old Margaret McCollom. She was taken by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center.

The GBI will handle the shooting investigation. GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang originally said Chief McCollom called 911 to say he accidentally shot his wife twice with his service weapon. After further investigation, Lang said it was determined that only one bullet had been discharged.

Investigators won’t say where McCollom was injured, or what led up to the shooting, only that it occured in the couple’s bedroom.

Peachtree City Manager Jim Pennington says as standard procedure, the chief was put on administrative leave and the GBI asked to spear head the investigation.

McCollom has been in law enforcement for nearly three decades, and the chief in Peachtree City since August.

“The department’s hurting at this point,” said Peachtree City Police Lt. Mark Brown. “We’re very concerned for obviously his wife, we’re concerned for the chief.”

bastiat on human nature and liberty

It’s way past time to put that lie to rest, once and for all. But don’t expect those with an irrational fear of guns—and a foolish trust in “government protection”—to ever accept it. They base their beliefs on blind faith, an ill-informed gut-sense, and a mere wish about how they want the world to be—in their fantasies—not on reason or truth.