If Planned Parenthood Killed Lions and Sold Their Organs Would THAT Outrage the Media?

The news cycle is filled with stories of killed lions while Planned Parenthood continues to receive federal funds!

Newser.com is a news summary site that pretty much follows the mainstream news. Since Monday they have published six stories about Cecil the Lion, heartlessly murdered by an American dentist. Here’s their latest headline as of last night: “American Hunters Bag Hundreds of Lions a Year.”

As the outrage against dentist and lion-killer Walter Palmer simmers, the Washington Post points out that he’s far from the only American hunter to kill a lion in Africa. In fact, hundreds do so every year in legal hunts. Palmer’s problem is that his guides lured a lion out of a protected area. Conversation groups estimate that at least 600 lions are killed annually by hunters looking for a trophy kill. And most of those hunters—64% by the most recent estimate—are from the US. One contributing factor, explains the Post, is that the US considers lions “threatened,” a lesser label than “endangered,” which would prevent hunters from bringing back their “lion trophies.”

Not only that, but our own government is now targeting this man for “possibly” breaking some law somewhere by hunting a lion.

It remains unclear whether Palmer will face charges, but the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that federal officials are investigating and are prepared to help Zimbabwe’s investigation.

So this dentist is pretty much almost as evil as the guy who caught Planned Parenthood on video revealing their organ harvesting and baby-part selling operation. He is being investigated also.

How do a pack of baby-killing, organ-harvesting ghouls feel good about themselves? By working up into a self-righteous frenzy over a guy who shot a lion.

I don’t care how easy it was to shoot that animal or how little danger that dentist faced. It still required more courage to shoot it than we find in these Planned Parenthood bathers in babies’ blood. (If we found that they did that literally, do you think the media would be outraged then?)

We are a sick country with sick leadership and sick media personalities.

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