If You Carry a Handgun, Take Your Brain With You as Well

If you carry a handgun as an armed citizen, this is an important video. Think, think, think about potential situations… and not only be ready for the battle, but the aftermath.

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And in addition to thinking about situations… if you carry… pray, pray, pray you never have to live through what you’ve pondered and planned.

Carrying a gun is a sobering responsibility, unless you’re not engaging your brain.

From USConcealedCarry.com: “Not Like the Movies? What Really Happens in a Gunfight.”

This isn’t Hollywood. You might not even know if you are hitting your target. You might not get the physical response you imagined. When the police get there, what do you think they will do? What do you think you will do?

Every scenario is different and you should be thinking about what might happen before you are faced with a high-stress situation. But think realistically, because it is not like the movies.

I am thankful for all I know who carry, because they’ve weighed the risks, and decided it’s worth it in order to defend the innocent.

The comments are enlightening too, in demonstrating what happens in a society no longer ruled by a spirit of authentic Christianity—even for many in law enforcement it becomes about “me and mine… so sorry for you.” Just sad.