If You Think This Book Shows a Slippery Slope You Must Not Be a “Smart” Liberal

“Marriage equality” isn’t a slippery slope to ending marriage and the family, we are promised. Yeah, right.

Here’s a new book being published by Cambridge University Press: In Defense of Plural Marriage.

With over half of Americans now in favor of marriage equality, it is clear that societal norms of marriage are being quickly redefined. The growing belief that the state may not discriminate against gays and lesbians calls into question whether the state may limit other types of marital unions, including plural marriage. While much has been written about same-sex marriage, as of yet there has been no book-length legal treatment of unions among three or more individuals. The first major study on plural marriage and the law, In Defense of Plural Marriage begins to fill this lacuna in the scholarly literature. Ronald C. Den Otter shows how the constitutional arguments that support the option of plural marriage are stronger than those against. Ultimately, he proposes a new semi-contractual marital model that would provide legal recognition for a wide range of intimate relationships.

I wonder if the author includes the “family” pet in this version, or if he is saving that for his sequel.

Below is the table of contents. Notice especially the title of Chapter Six:

1. The constitutional possibility of plural marriage
2. Judging the case against plural marriage (part I)
3. Judging the case against plural marriage (part II)
4. The importance of marital choice
5. Marriage equality
6. The disestablishment of marriage
7. Conclusion.

Let me make some predictions.

  1. If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex “marriage” is (1) a real kind of marriage, (2) lacking any detriment that the state has an interest in protecting the populace from, and (3) a basic right that must be recognized by the Federal government and all state governments, they will pretend the issues raise in this book don’t exist.
  2. After the Supreme Court decision, the entire Liberal media will pretend it never argued against the slippery slope, but will instead demand that the courts “take the next step” and recognize “poly marriages.”

The Conservatives have been the ones dealing in logic and reason throughout this whole process. Liberals have been using shrill slogans as a substitute for those things. That’s why Conservatives have been able to make rational predictions about what comes next. Liberals just pretend they don’t know what they are doing.

Of course, when it comes down to what is going to happen in a society structured by these kinds of anti-family rules, the truth is that Liberals don’t know what they are doing. Their entire crusade is a giant, international game of Russian roulette.