Illegal Amnesty Is America’s New Vietnam

Once again the cowards running our government are more concerned with winning elections than the health of our nation. Amnesty is no longer a dirty word and Latino’s are breaking out the maracas in preparation for a grand celebration. All across America free phone loving aliens are counting the days until they can legally join the entitlement culture and reap the unearned benefits of a nation in economic ruin.

It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that overnight legalization of millions of Latino families will only add to the growing debt and the ideological divide that is killing Democracy. Sometimes the stupidity of Americans does amaze me. At a time when entitlement programs are bankrupting our nation our government is scrambling to make it legal for another illegitimate minority group to pilfer from the treasury. Pressing number two will now become a full time job for many dual citizenship holding Hispanic Americans and our national debt will soar.

For some reason (votes?) our government, in defiance of majority will is about to repeat the failures of the 80’s Ronald Reagan Amnesty; the Reagan Administration bi-partisan immigration amnesty that I would argue led us exactly to where we are today. Will Americans once again trust that their government has the nation’s best interest at heart by allowing unassimilated aliens to participate in elections and government programs? We were swindled once, are American’s stupid enough to let it happen again?

What new magic economic formula are federal officials using to justify Amnesty? Will the Gross Domestic Product suddenly grow at unseen rates and bring down our debt? Will our public education system (all of a sudden) be blessed with English speaking students that cost less to educate and actually graduate? Will birth right citizenship disappear and be replaced with traditional marriage and self-sufficiency? The answer to all of these questions is: Not in my lifetime (if ever).

We don’t need immigration reform in America. We need Immigration enforcement. America needs to shift back to the Immigration policies of the 50’s and 60’s; sponsor driven immigration policies that required an applicant for U.S. citizenship to speak and read English. Policies that guaranteed new citizen assimilation without government handouts and special advantages that exist today.

Forty years ago our immigration policy didn’t allow applicants or newly sworn citizens to apply for social welfare programs. New citizens (with the help of their required sponsors) had to prove they could make it in America for 5 years without tax payer subsidy. Most of our alien population is already receiving government subsidy and amnesty will only make it legal for them to line up for more. After all they will always be part of the minority class, right? Well at least until they breed their way to dominance in U.S. political circles.

Much like the Vietnam War where America had no “exit strategy” and a black mark was left on the souls of those courageous enough to fight the fight: amnesty for illegals will embroil our Republic in a culture war that will reshape everything traditionally American. And the demands for minority accommodation through tax payer funded hand outs and leg ups will explode and destroy our country financially.

What good is a Republican Administration when politics comes before sound governing decisions? Do we really think that our newly blessed immigrant population will support traditions like self-sufficiency and civic responsibility? Is so called cheap labor worth it? Because I guarantee America your grass cutting and house painting bill is about to go up; along with every other tax that supports our obscene minority-benefitting social safety net.