Illinois Rulers Want Taxpayers to Cough Up More Money For Temple to New God

They don’t call them “temples” or “religious shrines,” because that would violate the alleged separation of church and state. But, in fact, America’s official religion is the power of the state and the state is a religious cult. Naturally, as American statism grows into a full religion, American Presidents become closer and closer to full gods. And gods must have shrines built by their worshipers—Presidential libraries.

Illinois is a sinkhole of debt and overspending. It has a record of functioning as a criminal/government combine, bringing it in sight of economic catastrophe. So naturally, the citizens of Illinois need to be shaken down for $100 million—at least as a start.

From the Illinois Policy Institute, Jane McEnaney writes:

An Illinois House Committee wants taxpayers to pay $100 million for a Barack Obama library.

Somehow, House Speaker Michael Madigan thinks this is an appropriate use of funds despite the state’s more than $100 billion pension crisis and $6.6 billion in unpaid bills.

Madigan told the Chicago Tribune he will use “skills that I’ve developed in the legislature to persuade people to do things they don’t want to do” to try to narrow the list of possible Chicago sites before June 16.

In accepting hefty taxpayer dollars for this venture, President Barack Obama is setting himself apart from his recent predecessors, former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Clinton’s library, located in Little Rock, Ark., was funded solely through private donations, according to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton’s “$165 million facility was built entirely through private funds…in public record…it’s just a fact,” said Jordan Johnson, a spokesman for the Clinton Foundation.

Likewise, Bush’s library, located at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, was also funded through private donations.

The Barack Obama Foundation, tasked with planning the development of Obama’s presidential library, has yet to determine the site of the future library. In fact, the foundation’s board of directors is receiving proposals through June 16 and does not intend to announce its final decision until 2015.

On its website, the Barack Obama Foundation defines its mission as developing a presidential library that “reflects President Obama’s values and priorities throughout his career in public service.” Interestingly enough, the first value listed is “expanding economic opportunity.” But more than 600,000 Illinoisans woke up today and didn’t have a job to go to, and thousands more face underemployment. To them and many others, it’s clear the president has fallen short on accomplishing his goal of “expanding economic opportunity” to the Land of Lincoln, where he launched his political career as a state senator 18 years ago.

Obama’s staff expects the library to cost $500 million or more.

And the costs won’t stop there. The day-to-day operations and maintenance of the United States’ 13 presidential libraries cost taxpayers $75 million in fiscal year 2013 alone.

Frankly, I think asking for voluntary donations is too demeaning for believers in the Obama cult. A god is worthy of human sacrifices. And if society is not yet ready for direct and obvious human sacrifices, the way human rulers have deified themselves in the past, then at the very least they can demand the sacrifice of more taxation.