Immigrant Populations of Violent Muslims?

What kind of immigrant populations can the West successfully assimilate?

A BBC report illustrates the kind of problems that Europe and the United States are facing with the prospects of mass immigration. I don’t think this story, by itself, can prove anything about what immigration policy should be, but I do think that it demonstrates why we need to think about these issues. It also demonstrates that a knee-jerk political correctness could have deadly consequences. A culture where it is easy and profitable to play the race card is a culture that is going to get swept away by forces they are not expecting.

Here’s the headline: “Migrants killed in ‘religious clash’ on Mediterranean boat.”

Italian police say they have arrested 15 Muslim migrants after they allegedly threw 12 Christians overboard following a row on a boat heading to Italy.

The Christian migrants, said to be from Ghana and Nigeria, are all feared dead.


The 15 Muslim migrants involved in the row with Christians were arrested in the Sicilian city of Palermo and charged with “multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate”.

The suspects, who are from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea, were among 105 migrants travelling in an inflatable boat that left Libya on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses told police how the altercation resulted in Christians being thrown overboard, and that some of the survivors had formed human chains to avoid a similar fate.

So these are the people who are moving to Europe by the thousands. Does that sound like a way to have a peaceful and prosperous society in the future?

Here is a bar graph published with the NPR story:

migration to Europe

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How many of these immigrants take it for granted that it is permissible to kill people when they disagree with them, especially if they are of a different Faith? That sounds like information that it would be important to learn. Many of these people are going to have children and raise them according to their beliefs. How many will be raised to believe in violence and bloodshed as a way with dealing with others involved in a “religious dispute”?

I am not saying that refugees should be turned away. But I am asking whether the governments of Europe know what they are doing.