Does an Immigration “Activist” Know Of New Plans For Barack Obama to Use His Pen?

When a guy gets on TV and starts making predictions that the President will do stuff he wants the President to do, we can hope he is simply lobbying by posing as a reporter. His speculations are nothing more than that, but he is hoping that his speculations will be taken seriously both to give President Obama ideas and to build up support for the actions.

But what if he really has been told what the President is planning to do?

In this case, CNS News reports on the claims made by Telemundo anchor and immigration-reform advocate José Díaz-Balart on the Rachel Maddow show.

Díaz-Balart suggested that Obama could scrap a Homeland Security program called Secure Communities, which allows state and local police to check the immigration status of people they detain for other reasons.

“That has caused more thn 150,000 people to be deported,” Díaz-Balart said. “And maybe the president could tackle that specifically. That would mitigate immediately in local communities people who have minor traffic infractions and find themselves deported.”

Secure Communities was created by the Bush administration, not by Congress.

Díaz-Balart mentioned families that are “divided and destroyed” every day in this country when relatives who came here illegally are sent back home and forced to leave their American-born children or other American relatives.

Díaz-Balart said he believes the president not only “feels the pain” of deportations — he also feels the sting of criticism from groups such as the National Council of La Raza, which recently called him “deporter in chief.”

“That, I think, has hurt the president and his message that he is the person who supports immigration reform…I think that does cause him to say, well let me see what I can do if nothing is done by August. Maybe I’ll have to step forward, even take controversial decisions that right now I’m not willing to take.”

What bothers me the most about this is that we can be sure that Republicans in Congress will do little or nothing to oppose such a move. Too many Republicans are already pushing “immigration reform” in direct opposition to their base’s feelings on the issue. They are also making an issue out of something that voters, even if they are not opposed to “immigration reform,” don’t care about. It is the lowest of their political priorities. But Republicans are pushing the issue as if it mattered more than the economy.

So what this means is that Barack Obama might create a larger group of people to lobby for a change in the law. Once we have more people living here illegally, it will become more difficult to do anything about them. Obama is encouraging more illegal activity by refusing to take steps to enforce the law.

Furthermore, even though Secure Communities was an executive branch law enforcement program, it should not require Homeland Security’s authority to allow local law enforcement to check immigration status. States experience their own problems from illegal aliens and they each have the sovereign right to deal with that problem.

I think we should allow more immigration via legal channels, but the Democrats and Republicans are not accomplishing that by granting amnesty to illegal aliens. They seem more interested in harvesting a crop of law-breakers every couple of decades than actually allowing people to come here and work for a living. Nor do I understand any reason why people who broke the law to come here should have any right to vote for our rulers. They came here for economic reasons without needing to vote or wanting to vote, so they should be content to live here without citizenship. Indeed, that should be considered a generous arrangement.

But no one is allowed to be generous in Obama’s world. Illegal Immigrants have a right to change our government and empower Democrats. It is bizarre that such a self-serving position can be preached as an ethical imperative.