Immigration Reform Bill Will Prevent Arrest of Illegals

US Border Patrol agents not only work along the Mexican border but they also patrol many of the roads that lead from the border to US cities.  If they see a vehicle full of Hispanics driving north on a dirt road a few miles from the Mexican border, they routinely pull them over and ask for identifications.  The majority of the time, they are illegals that just crossed over the border and they are arrested.

If the proposed immigration reform bill is passed and put into law in its present form, all of this law enforcement will be stopped and millions of illegals and drug traffickers will be allowed to enter the country unmolested.  Why?  Because the current bill states:

“In making routine or spontaneous law enforcement decisions, such as ordinary traffic stops, Federal law enforcement officers may not use race or ethnicity to any degree, except that officers may rely on race and ethnicity if a specific suspect description exists.”

In other words, if you see a van overflowing with Hispanics driving a mile from the Mexican border heading north, Border Patrol agents will not be allowed to stop them, even though they have probable cause.  Unless the Border Patrol agents actually saw them cross the border, all they can do is sit and watch them drive by.

The bill goes on to define federal law enforcement officers as any :

“Officer, agent, or employee of the United States authorized by law or by a Government agency to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of any violation of Federal law.”

Many county sheriff departments, especially those in the southwestern states along the Mexican border receive a special federal law enforcement authorization to enforce federal immigration laws.  It’s unclear to me if the definition of federal law enforcement officer would apply to those sheriff’s departments or not.  When Eric Holder sued Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for racial profiling, he revoked that federal law enforcement license from the entire sheriff’s department.

Worse yet, the immigration reform bill has a provision that will allow the Department of Homeland Security to collect data on all immigration law enforcement activities so they can see if anyone is guilty of racial or ethnic profiling.  According to the immigration reform bill, all data collected will be analyzed within 180 days of when it was collected.  Then they have 90 days to enact any changes to the immigration enforcement guidelines.

Bottom line is that any federal law enforcement officer will be restrained from doing their job enforcing immigration laws and those that do make any detentions or arrests will have everything they do scrutinized by Washington bureaucrats looking for any signs of racial or ethnic profiling.  This will only serve to deter many officers from carrying out their sworn duties just to prevent from being placed under a microscope.

The end result will be millions more illegals will flood over the border, seeking the promised path to citizenship as a reward for their illegal act.  Drug traffickers will have open roads to truck their illegal drugs into the US.

This bill is more dangerous to the US and its citizens than most people realize.  It threatens our economy, job markets and national security.  America cannot afford to allow this bill to pass Congress and become law.  It has to be stopped in the US House of Representatives.  You owe it to your family to contact your Representative and insist that he/she fight against this destructive piece of legislation before it’s too late.  It will destroy America!