Immigration Is Top Priority for Americans, SAYS NO POLL ANYWHERE!

We keep hearing about how we have a window to deal with immigration this summer, or else the lame duck Congress will do it after the 2014 election. Paul Ryan is working hard to get the votes. Even a Tea Party notable has come out in favor of immigration reform. Tom Donohue of the reprehensible Chamber of Commerce claims the GOP is unworthy to field a candidate for the Presidency if they don’t get “immigration reform” passed.

But notice this from Gallup: “Jobs, Government, and Economy Remain Top U.S. Problems.”

Twenty percent of Americans name unemployment or jobs as the most important problem facing the country in May, up from 14% who mentioned these issues in April. Dysfunctional government (19%) and the economy in general (17%) also rank among the top problems.

These three issues — jobs, economy, and government – have been at the top of the “most important problem” list since the beginning of the year. Mentions of government and politicians rose sharply to 33% in October amid the partial government shutdown, but have dipped back down.

What isn’t among the big three concerns?

Right, “immigration reform” isn’t mentioned.

In fact here is the graph for all the things that Americans are concerned about.

most important problems

Notice that more people are worried about foreign aid and foreign policy  than those who are concerned about immigration or illegal aliens (four percent care about the former while only three percent care about the latter). Notice also that concern about immigration reform has actually shrunk since April. It dropped by a percentage point.

Yet the media seems to run stories on the topic ever day! We are constantly seeing our Republican Congressmen pontificate about immigration as if that was important to the American people.

But it isn’t.

What does it tell us that the economy is still a great concern to Americans, but both Republicans and Democrats keep talking about another issue?

On the Republican side, basically three percent of the country is claiming the right to dictate to the party what their legislative priorities should be.

We are being ruled by a tiny minority within the Party and the media acts as their megaphone. This is happening at a time when the Republican Party should be obsessed with winning back power and capturing the Senate. How can they afford to ignore the concerns of Americans and concentrate on the wishes of the three percent?