More Information on DHS Terrorizing Boy Scouts

As I had said repeatedly, DHS needs to be defunded, and shut down. It’s obvious those in charge are corrupting every agency that’s been put under their authority.

In an exclusive interview with, Jim Fox, the scout leader of the Mid-Iowa Boy Scout Troop 111, explained what happened earlier this month at a checkpoint along the Alaska – Canada border.

At the check point, one of the boys took a picture of the border agent and “threw the agent into a frenzy.” According to Fox, the agent immediately confiscated the camera, told the boy that he could be subjected to 10 years of prison or a $10,000 fine. The boys and driver were escorted inside the border patrol station.

“The border agent tried to bait me. He wanted to get a reaction out of me and I did not give it to him,” said Fox. The border agent didn’t want Fox to follow him while he searched the van because Fox might turn over “search techniques to the undesirables.”

One of the agents asked to see one of the bags of the scouts. One scout knew where the bag was and tried to get the bag to assist the agent. That’s when Fox said an agent had a loaded pistol pointed at the boy.

Fox said that the boy thought the agent was going to shoot him and got back into the van. “They were sitting there scared to death,” said Fox.

Not every employee is a sociopath, but having such power will draw more and more such individuals to want to wear the uniform, and wield this kind of oppressive influence over fellow citizens.

The SS, the Gestapo, KGB, etc., all started out with allegedly noble aims, but men cannot be trusted with such power, or it inevitably turns into abuse and murder.

Pointing a gun at a Boy Scout, really? Is this why the government has been ordering so many rounds of ammunition… I guess if you see Boy Scouts as a real threat to the nation, that means ALL of us are the “enemy.”