Insane MSNBC: Romney’s Charitability Is Offensive

While the East coast was being blasted with wind and water from Hurricane Sandy, both President Obama and Mitt Romney suspended their campaigning–Obama to give a press conference and walk around New Jersey to look at the damage, and Romney to donate one of his campaign buses to the cause of delivering goods to the Red Cross, and also to donate his time and manual labor to load those trucks himself.

Because Mitt Romney is not only a public figure, but a Republican public figure trying to unseat a Democratic deity, he is always a suspect; he must undergo intense suspicion and never-ending scrutiny. What the media has been doing is hypothesizing Romney’s intentions in his helping with relief efforts, coming to false conclusions about his intentions, and then attacking the intentions they’re projecting onto him.

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir poses the question to Ana Marie Cox as to whether she finds it “strange” that Romney is helping with relief efforts, and she responds, “I found that sort of fake relief rally, whatever it is, to be pretty offensive, and also wrong-headed.”

So what other alternative does Romney have? He could have decided not to help out and instead continued campaigning. Bashir would have asked the question, “Do you think it strange that Mitt Romney continues to campaign through all of this?” and Cox would have responded, “Yes, I find it to be pretty offensive, and also wrong-headed.”

Of course, Romney could have done absolutely nothing, neither helping nor campaigning. But then the question from Bashir would have been, “Do you think it strange that Romney isn’t helping out with relief efforts?” and Cox would have said, “Yes, I find it to be pretty offensive, and also wrong-headed.”

MSNBC host and Obama-voter Andrea Mitchell also suggested Romney’s volunteerism was phony, questioning why he chose to do so at the same place he canceled a campaign event. Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he was already there, and because it really would be strange if he went out of his way to go to another state before feeling he could safely be charitable without his motives being questioned by pompous hacks who are offering no sort of help at all?

What these media folk fail to acknowledge is that Mitt Romney has done this sort of charitable work his whole life, certainly long before he was ever a political figure. And he’s never done charitable work with fanfare, never made announcements about it. He has goodness in his blood. It’s part of his religion. Mormons are notoriously charitable, or what Ana Marie Cox would call “pretty offensive” and “wrong-headed.”

Can’t a Republican catch a break?

No, of course not. You will recall that in the aftermath of the shooting in January of last year in Tucson, AZ, liberals high and low immediately went to blaming Sarah Palin, and then became enraged when she ignored their calls for her to respond to the shooting…but then she did respond to it, and they became enraged that she dared insert herself into the issue.

As a Republican, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So you might as well be damned while you’re helping the needy. Good for Mitt Romney for not worrying what the media thinks.