The Insane Orientation Understanding of Homosexuality Caused Humphrey Bogart Unnecessary Fear

Homosexuals and Liberals claim to be “progressive” on sexual identity. But that is a myth. They hold to exactly the same (groundless) model of sexual practice that was prevalent in the fifties and earlier. It was a flawed understanding that caused Humphrey Bogart to consider killing himself.

The Daily Mail reports: “Screen legend Humphrey Bogart’s fears that he was gay ‘almost drove him to suicide’.”

Sexually voracious and habitually unfaithful, Humphrey Bogart had three unhappy marriages before he met the love of his life, Lauren Bacall. 

Now it has emerged that before marrying her in 1945, Bogie had bedded an estimated 1,000 women including Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich and Ingrid Bergman – but still feared he might be gay.

The extraordinary claim is made in a new biography of the actor, best known for the movie Casablanca.

It suggests that during his second marriage to American stage and film actress Mary Philips, Bogart became riddled with uncertainty that made him impotent and question his sexuality – and even drove him to consider suicide.

The biography’s author Darwin Porter, a journalist who worked in Hollywood in the 1960s, says Philips insisted on openly maintaining her previous relationships, even spending the night before their marriage in 1928 with a friend of Bogart’s ‘as a farewell gift’.

According to the unflattering new book, Bogart told another friend: ‘If only Mary didn’t make it worse. When I can’t perform she mocks and ridicules me. I should never have married her.’

He is said to have confessed to another confidante to thoughts of killing himself. ‘But I never get beyond the thinking stage. I just can’t see myself taking a razor to my throat,’ he reportedly said.

I don’t feel that sorry for Bogart, since his conception of masculinity deserved to be knocked out from under him. (But I’m still a fan of his movies, I confess.) But notice that he assumed that homosexuality was like a disease one is born with or catches. In his mind, homosexuality was a “thing” that he could have even against his will. If so, there would be nothing he could do about it. He could kill himself but he could not make himself heterosexual.

This fear was consistent with the common view that homosexuality was a kind of mental disorder. People pretend we are so far advanced from that perspective, but most laws and judicial rulings presuppose what is essentially the same view. They hold that being “homosexual” is something you are “born with.” They have taken the disease model and simply stopped considering it a sickness even though it is transmitted in the same way. They have merely moved from calling homosexuality a birth defect to a morally acceptable mutation.

Homosexuals, if they aren’t trying to enslave cake decorators or make judges rule “in favor of marriage equality,” know that Bogart’s view is bogus. Homosexuals have never been some kind of inborn “minority” group. Homosexuality is not a “condition” like hair color or being born with an extra chromosome.

All Bogart needed to do to be heterosexual was to abstain from sexual activity with other men. Period. Even if he had permanently lost his ability to perform with women, that would make him practice celibacy, not homosexuality.

Of course, Bogart’s real sexual problem was his moral inability to be faithful to one spouse—a problem at least some of his wives had as well. Even with Lauren Bacall he kept up an affair with his hair dresser.

What an idiot.