Irony: Cuomo Orders Ads Removed because Fascism is Offensive

The Governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, ordered the removal of paid advertisements that had already been approved by the lawful governing body. The ad campaign was sponsored by no less an establishment business than Amazon, and it took place in the New York subway system.

How does a governor get the authority to ban advertising is one city in the state? Yet The Associated Press reports without comment, “Officials confirmed Wednesday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered them removed.” That seems strange. Perhaps even illegal. After all, according to The Federalist, “The ad campaign had been approved by the Metropolitan Transit Authority.” So why didn’t the Metropolitan Transit Authority ban the ads, if they needed to be banned?

Somehow the governor was able to unilaterally censor the ads.

So what was the reason for the censorship. Again, The Federalist:

The ad campaign is for Amazon’s new show “The Man In The High Castle,” which is based on Philip K. Dick’s alternate history of an early 1960s United States that lost World War II.

Nazis control much of the East while Japan rules over the Pacific States. The Rocky Mountains are something of an outlaw zone called the Neutral Territory.

The slow-paced but engrossing show features Rufus Sewell as a ruthless SS Obergruppenführer who cracks down on the resistance movement with shocking efficiency and brutality. There is no freedom in the dystopian land that shows how precious freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly truly are.

The advertisements for the show wrap seats on New York subways. They feature an American flag with a German eagle and iron cross in place of the stars. There is also a flag with imperial Japanese imagery. The crimes against humanity by the Nazis during World War II were so gruesome that it’s a pretty shocking thing to see upon entering a subway car and Democratic mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio fielded complaints. He called the advertising campaign “irresponsible” and “offensive” and called for their removal.

So to get rid of the offense of fascist symbols, Governor Andrew Cuomo acted… like a fascist dictator.

Happy Thanksgiving! We live in a country that wants real fascism in order to get rid of fictional fascism.