IRS Agent Arrested for Using Audit to Attempt Sexual Assault

With one IRS agent arrested now, how do we know this hasn’t happened before?

Congress has already had to consider legislation banning federal workers from viewing porn on the job. Perhaps they now also need to craft a law that keeps them from committing sexual assault. The Washington Times reports, “IRS agent charged with sexual battery during audit.”

An IRS agent has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman while he was performing an audit of a Tennessee business, police said.

Samuel Garza, 36, has been charged with two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure in connection to the assault that took place Sept. 3, according to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s the first known case of an IRS agent using an audit as a means for sexual assault.

According to court papers, Mr. Garza visited the owner of a business on Fairview Boulevard to conduct a tax audit.

Mr. Garza then “made sexual overtures and implied the business could be lost without cooperation,” according to an affidavit.

He told the victim that he would return the next day and ordered her to wear a dress before he sexually assaulted her despite her pleas for him to stop. The victim “feared for the loss of her business,” according to the affidavit.

Mr. Garza came back to the business the next day and sexually assaulted the victim again. The affidavit states she was “fearful, upset and uncomfortable with Mr. Garza’s actions.”

The sheriff’s office did not release the name of the business that was being audited.

Mr. Garza was arraigned Tuesday and the county sheriff’s department confirmed that he was still in custody Wednesday.

He is being held in the Williamson County Criminal Justice Center on a $200,000 bond, according to sheriff’s department news release.

Why should we be surprised that this happened? IRS employees performing audits have tremendous power over businesses to destroy them or spare them. That power attracts corruption. This is basic human nature.

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Sadly, the federal government seems to operate on the premise that government agents are moral angels.