IRS Misplaces $67 Million in Obamacare Funding

The Internal Revenue Service, which is charged with making sure every single taxpayer complies with new Obamacare regulations or pays a fine, is unable to account for $67 million in a fund intended to pay for Obamacare implementation costs.

According to a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS made no effort to account for the $67 million, which was allegedly spent between 2010 and 2012 on “indirect” costs of Obamacare.

Indirect costs would include things like computer technical support, office rent and telephones.

Normally when the IRS has to implement new laws, it pays for the costs through its general fund, then makes a request for additional money through the budget cycle.

But when Congress approved the Affordable Care Act, it gave Health and Human Services a $1 billion Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund so that it and other agencies, including the IRS, could start spending immediately (very thoughtful of Congress), without going through the normal budget process.

The IRS reported that it spent $488 million from the HIRIF from 2010 to 2012 for Obamacare implementation “direct” costs, which included 1,272 full-time employees.

Despite still having access to the HIRIF, the IRS actually requested funds in its fiscal year 2013 budget to hire an additional 800 agents and did not receive an approval.

Some of the missing $67 million apparently went to cover travel expenses for at least 38  employees.

Even with $67 million burning a hole in its pocket, the IRS requested an additional $360 million just for FY 2013. The request was denied.

The inspector general’s report also found that IRS tracking of spending was not always properly documented and recorded costs were often inaccurate.

If the IRS is already screwing up its accounting for the Affordable Care Act, and its budget requests for additional funds and employees are being rejected, how can Americans be expected to believe that the IRS is up to this task of implementing Obamacare accurately and fairly?

The truth is it can’t. Obamacare is a writhing mass of red tape and bureaucracy being dumped on an already overwhelmed agency that doesn’t seem to be able to do anything correctly, except for intentionally targeting conservatives for harassment.

Obamacare and the IRS itself should both be dumped, and the government should get itself out of people’s lives. The healthcare would take care of itself.