IRS Recruits Spies and Tax Cheats to Work for Them

Perhaps tax cheats are more likely to possess the moral flexibility the IRS requires.

irs bonuses

Would the fire department hire a convicted pyromaniac? Is it OK for the local daycare to utilize a known sex-offender? How about the IRS paying people who don’t file taxes, illegally access private information, and take eight weeks of unauthorized vacation, yet keep receiving a taxpayer-funded check to harass us for not adhering to the laws they personally ignore?

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You simply can’t make this stuff up. The Washington Times reports, “IRS knowingly rehired tax cheats, other employees with ‘performance’ issues: Audit.”

The IRS rehired hundreds of employees who had prior records of bad performance at the agency, including 141 former workers who had botched their own tax returns and others who had used their positions to peek at private tax information, the agency’s inspector general said in a report released Thursday.

Five IRS employees were rehired even though the agency knew they had intentionally failed to file their taxes within the last two years, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George said. Of the employees with prior problems, nearly 20 percent of them had more problems after they were rehired.

In another instance, an employee who has taken eight weeks of unauthorized vacation and whose previous manager had written a note explicitly stating “do not rehire,” was nonetheless rehired.


The IRS has been under fire for political mismanagement since it admitted two years ago that it had improperly targeted tea party groups for special scrutiny, and delayed approving applications for years. The agency also has had to revamp its rules to cut out lavish conferences after investigators reported employees were spending money on items such as a spoof “Star Trek” training video.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress earlier this week that those sorts of conferences couldn’t happen anymore under the new rules put in place.

Time to publicly flog John Koskinen, and de-fund and close down the whole stupid thing. It’s amazing how many good comebacks the IRS is giving us for any questions they send this year. Of course, mere peons like us won’t get a paycheck. They’ll send out the IRS SWAT team to take us down. Simply because… they can.