IRS Returns Stolen Money but Still Rips Off Victim and Goes Unpunished

When you return stolen money you should not claim to own the interest your received while you kept it in your possession.

Here is a semi-positive update to the grand-theft story in North Carolina where government goons stole $108,000 from an honest businessman.

Three reasons every person involved in this seizure—and their superiors—should be fired from their government jobs, and banned from the public sector for the rest of their lives:

One: “U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker cited changes to the Department of Justice’s policy regarding civil asset forfeiture made in March as the reason for dropping the lawsuit against the $107,702.66 seized from McLellan’s bank account in July.”

Um, how about the simple fact the man did absolutely nothing wrong, and the government committed blatant theft of a citizen’s property? How about saying you’re returning his money because you were dead wrong!?!

Two: “…it could be months before the government returns the money.”

Hey, we’re sorta, kinda, not really admitting we stole your money, but… we’re just going to hold onto it for yet another couple of months. Yeah, right.

Three: “…government policies require the $107,702 seized is kept in an interest-bearing account. Though McLellan will receive the money, the government wants to keep the interest earned.”

The final indignity… by law, the government is supposed to repay everything they stole, plus any legal fees the victim expended, and interest. But… in this case, they don’t want to provide any of that. After all, Barack Obama is in office, and what’s law when you have a pretend-Dictator in the White House, who makes all the rules with his phone and his pen?!?

In the end, Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey needs to be held accountable by the citizens who elected him. It is the Sheriff’s primary duty to protect residents of his county from criminal activity. Sealey had full authority to tell the Feds to get lost, and leave Mr. McClellan alone. Evidently Sheriff Sealey was more interested in sharing in the stolen loot than in doing the right thing, and for that… he should never serve as Sheriff again.