Is the IRS Spying on Taxpayers for the White House?

There may be yet another IRS spying scandal.

IRS sign

I have already argued that the IRS should be abolished on Fourth Amendment grounds. The agency has access to private details of your life and, over and over again, they have been caught or suspected of sharing that information in order to target certain groups.

With the whole Lois Lerner scandal, we have plenty of reason to believe that the Obama IRS is not bound by legality or ethics in what they will do to support the Administration. But this news takes it a step further.

The Washington Examiner reports, “2,500 new documents ID’d in White House-IRS taxpayer harassment cases.”

In a shocking revelation, the Treasury Inspector General has identified some 2,500 documents that “potentially” show taxpayer information held by the Internal Revenue Service being shared with President Obama’s White House.

The discovery was revealed to the group Cause of Action, which has sued for access to any of the documents. It charges that the IRS and White House have harassed taxpayers.

In an email from the Justice Department’s tax office, an official revealed the high number of documents, suggesting that the White House was hip deep in probes of taxpayers, likely including conservatives and Tea Party groups associated with the IRS scandal.

In requesting a delay in the delivery date of the documents, Justice told Cause of Action, “The agency [Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration] has located 2,500 potentially responsive documents and anticipates being able to finish processing 2,000 of these pages by the December 1 date. It needs the additional two weeks to deal with the last 500 pages to determine if they are responsive and make any necessary withholdings.”

Cause of Action made a statement saying that this latest news renews their “concerns about the decaying professionalism of, and apparent slip into partisanship by, IRS’s senior leadership.”

“Slip into partisanship?”

More like a swan dive. Fully head-first.