Is Barack Obama Even Trying to Defeat ISIS?

For years Barack Obama has wanted to get more heavily involved in Syria, and not to defeat ISIS. While the Obama Administration is still claiming they will not send American ground troops to engage in combat, they have obviously wanted to increase the government efforts to drive away the secular dictator who protects religious minorities in Syria—Bashar al-Assad.

samantha power

Thanks go to for posting this exchange with Samantha Powers on Meet the Press. I’m not an admirer of Chuck Todd, but I was happy he asked a real question in this case.

How much mendacity and self-righteousness can a woman pour out of her mouth in under a hundred seconds? Todd is absolutely right that the Administration’s present strategy is confusing.

Or perhaps the strategy is obvious and simple. It looks like the Obama Administration is getting what they always wanted—to run a direct proxy war in Syria against Bashar al-Assad. They just used ISIS (or ISIL as they insist on saying) as an excuse to get Congress to vote for more war in the Middle East.

There are even news reports that ISIS and the “moderates” have signed a non-aggression treaty. They are cooperating against Assad. Is the Obama Administration also cooperating with ISIS/ISIL for that same end? It sure seems probable.

And then the idiotic attacks on Assad as backed by Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia. What did Hezbollah have to do with 9/11? Has that group ever killed Americans on American soil? Iran?

I’m not saying that these are good guys. I’m saying that they mean nothing to American interests. I have never heard of Hezbollah crucifying Christians. Have you? So why should Americans or Christians want to sponsor people to work with Sunni Jihadists against a secular dictator who protects Christians?

The same goes for Iran. While there is always a chance they will severely persecute a few Christians for proselytizing (nothing worse than what goes on in Saudi Arabia!) they have in their country religious minorities who are otherwise protected by law. They are not rounded up and executed.

Iran is a liberal, pluralist democracy compared to “our ally” Saudi Arabia. Iran is a Christian Republic compared to ISIS.

Russia, who has to deal with Muslim populations within its borders, has every reason to support a secular regime that fights against extremists and a nation that, while harboring its own extremists, does not export anti-Christian murder-fests. I don’t care how much you hate Russia for Ukraine, Crimea, or any other reason, the country is obviously right to not take the side of the rebels in Syria.

If you find your blood stirred to be on the “right side” opposing Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia, you are being manipulated by evil, murderous people. If we are going to intervene anywhere (and I am not saying we should) our highest priority should be to defeat and destroy those monsters, not use them as an excuse to overthrow a secular dictator in Syria.

Remember, President Obama knew what was shaping up with ISIS at least a year before they attacked Iraq and gained territory there. He did nothing. Why would he want to prevent their victory? Once ISIS made splashy headlines he got bipartisan support for what he already wanted to do.

I have a dream that someday the scales will fall off our eyes and we will see blood dripping from Samantha Power’s lips every time she opens her mouth. Until that glorious day you’re just going to have to do research and exercise some critical thinking. Arming the Syrian “moderates” was wrong when the CIA did it, and now Congress’ “overwhelming” and “bipartisan” decision to give the program to the Pentagon is still wrong.