Is Barack Obama Threatening to Support Terrorists with More Weapons and Money?

Didn’t we support terrorists in Afghanistan (or people who became terrorists) in order to create a “quagmire” for Russian troops?

Here is CNN’s headline: “Obama: Russia heading for ‘quagmire’ in Syria.”

When I read that headline I don’t see how any Russian could hear these words and not think about U.S. policy in Afghanistan. In other words, they sound like Barack Obama is warning Putin that he will support terrorists in Syria (or support more of them, or give them more support) in order to create a quagmire for Russian troops.

President Barack Obama said Friday that he was willing to work with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on moving Syria away from civil war, but only if that plan includes removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

In the absence of that, he warned that Russia’s air campaign against Syria would only lead to further bloodshed for the war-torn country and bog down Moscow.

Russia, he predicted during a White House press conference, would get stuck in a “quagmire,” adding, “It just won’t work, and they’re going to stay there for a while.”

Saying Syria’s civil war doesn’t directly involve the United States – but instead pits Assad’s forces against rebel groups – Obama admitted elements of his strategy had failed. A plan to train and equip opposition forces, which resulted in only a handful of trainees, “did not work the way it was supposed to,” Obama said.

Barack Obama’s mega-arrogance is on display again. Just like Neocons who despise Obama agree with his stance on Syria, one doesn’t need to approve of Vladimir Putin’s character in order to see that he is talking sense on Syria. The only reason why we have a civil war in Syria right now is because the United States insists on having one because they want to remover Bashar al-Assad. Assad is a cruel dictator but he is also a defender of religious minorities. The Administration’s claim that there is a way to put “moderates” in power who will be nicer than Assad and also not be defeated by (or surrender to) Sunni jihadists is a fantasy. They are going to destroy a bad government that works in the name of a better government that will never exist and end up with another Libya or Iraq—a terrorist playground.

And now Barack Obama is warning of a “quagmire”? It is a quagmire that we have worked hard to create.

Even though I have an extremely cynical view of the mainstream media, I can’t believe they work so hard to take Obama seriously when he makes these horrible statements. They give him an aura of plausibility that he does not deserve. Americans may be fooled, but I doubt many people in other nations are blind to what Obama is doing.