Is Israel Nearing the “Final Solution” of Palestinian Problem?

Israel, in an effort to protect itself from Palestinian terrorists, has decided to create a Palestinian-only bus service. This is another way of saying that Palestinians will not be allowed to ride on any public buses other than the designated ones. Israeli officials are saying it is just too much of a risk to have Arab passengers on board since they are such a danger to Israeli society. Other Israelis are saying the Palestinians should be happy, since now they have their own transportation system.

But many are troubled by this act of racial segregation. Some people are calling it a form of apartheid. I think that’s a little bit of a stretch. This looks a whole lot like something… but it isn’t apartheid. We’re just afraid of saying it lest we be called Anti-Semitic.

I think it is curious that Jews were once accused of well-poisoning. Some medieval “scholars” even blamed them for the outbreak of plagues claiming that Jews had thrown their dead into the water supply. Aside from the “blood libel” and host desecration, well-poisoning was the major accusation against the Jews by Continental European Christians in the medieval era. What’s curious is that Jews are now becoming famous for “poisoning the well,” a logical fallacy that discredits any criticism by pre-discrediting its source. If you say anything against Israeli policy, you are automatically Anti-Semitic.

People are doing everything to avoid making any connections between the current Israel-Palestine situation and what happened in Continental Europe in the middle of the twentieth century. Jews in occupied Europe were labeled with yellow stars of David. Businesses started to refuse to serve them. Customers started to refuse to go to them. Then, when that solution wasn’t drastic enough, the Germans just started killing them.

I understand the situation in Israel is not exactly the same. But it has far more similarities to the Nazi situation than anyone cares to admit. Palestinians have been forced into designated areas by the Jewish government. Now, they are being identified, labeled, and segregated. Because they are perceived as a danger to Israeli society. I guess it’s only a matter of time before the Israeli government issues crimson crescent badges for all Muslims living in Israel.

And are the Palestinians a danger to Israeli society? Some of them probably are. But injustice against a whole population to avenge the crimes of even many individuals within that population cannot be justified ultimately. This is something we need to hear as well. Might does not make right. Israel really needs to look into other options here before she finds herself settling on the “final solution.”