Is it Wrong for Starving North Koreans to Eat Their Children?

Stories are coming out of North Korea of cannibalism. People are so desperate for food that some of them are resorting to eating their own children.

After food was taken from the farming provinces to feed people in the capital, a drought followed leaving 10,000 dead. People are starving because of government policies. Bad economic principles lead to bad economic outcomes.

Desperate people do desperate things. Life is cheap in Communist countries.

“One man was executed when it was discovered he had killed his two children and eaten them. Another man reportedly dug up his grandchild’s body and ate it. A third boiled his own child to be eaten.

“Last year, according to the South Korean state-run Korean Institute for National Unification, one North Korean man was executed when he attempted selling the remains of a colleague as mutton. There were two other reports of cannibalism.”

There are a couple of things I would like to point out. First, in a world where evolution is the explanation for how we all got here, there is nothing morally wrong with staying alive by eating the less fit. I can’t understand why a man was executed in an atheistic, evolutionary country when all he did was try to survive.

It happens all the time in the animal world. According to the received doctrine of evolution, we are animals. Given the materialistic, anti-god, survival of the fittest doctrine of evolutionary “science,” scientists and the courts that support the “science” of evolution shouldn’t have a thing to say about people eating their young to survive. It’s natural.

While channel surfing some years ago, I came across the series “The Trials of Life.” In the second episode I learned what Benjamin Franklin meant when he described the eagle as a bird of “bad moral character.” But is it really given the operating assumptions of evolution?

With two eaglets in the nest, and not enough food to go around because of a drought, the parent allows the weakest eaglet to die. She then cannibalizes the dead eaglet and feeds it to the survivor. Was this natural or unnatural? Was this moral animal behavior? If it’s OK for birds to cannibalize their young to survive, why can’t humans? In our deep evolutionary past, our ancestors killed to survive.

Second, immoral economic policies can affect children in what can be described as “economic cannibalism” — burdening future generations with insurmountable debt. Will they have to make severe economic choices to maintain a certain standard of living?

The number of people paying into Social Security has dropped ten-fold when compared to the number of recipients. There was a time when more than 30 people paid into Social Security for every person receiving a benefit. This can’t go on forever. Something’s got to give.

Will we tax younger generations at ever higher rates to support an every growing population of retirees? Worse, could the present healthcare legislation force the elderly to take an early death exit?

Let’s not be too hard on the North Koreans. We’re only “eating” our children more slowly.