Is Obama Losing His Mass Appeal?

When Obama gave his acceptance speech in 2008, some 84,000 people showed up. It was, after all, a historic occasion. Whether you like the man as a person or as a president, try to pretend you’re a leftist for a second (in other words, stop thinking and turn on your heart drip), and imagine the heady prospect: You are about to be a part of something historic… an iconic milestone in American history! Someone black might become president! You know how hippies can get that far-off stare and talk about how they were there at Woodstock ’69? Obama’s acceptance speech was kind of like that. And a huge number of people wanted to be a part of it. Black people voted for him overwhelmingly because they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to put a “black” man in the White House. And a huge number of white people oppressed by a vague and baseless guilt felt that this one act could repair hundreds of years of racial tension. Who cares what the man believes… do you know how much white guilt I will purge from my soul if this man becomes president?

Well, he had his moment, and everyone had a tear or fifteen and felt their hearts strangely warmed and all that. But for four years, his supporters have watched as the glittering veneer of the icon has peeled in the harsh sun of reality to reveal a rather dull and featureless wooden interior. People are realizing that they voted in an idea, but that idea never had substance. His election was symbolic. His presidency has been catastrophic. And they are not impressed anymore. How do I know?

The DNC claims that they changed the venue of his nomination acceptance speech because of the possibility of rain. They had originally booked Bank of America Stadium, an outdoor venue that could seat 74,000. Apparently due to severe weather, they have decided to move Obama’s speech to the same lowly stage that all the other DNC speakers have already tread upon (in a venue that seats 20,000 max)… Oh, how the gold has become dim.

I don’t buy the severe weather excuse for a number of reasons. The highest percentage chance of rain according to forecasts is 40% (with 20% looking more accurate), and an Obama aide had already said Obama would be there: “Bank of America stadium. Rain or shine.” Right. And why wouldn’t they get a somewhat comparably sized indoor venue as a replacement? Are they really going to shut out 50,000 eager ticket holders because of a slight chance of rain? It’s obvious the real reason for the move is that they didn’t get the kind of response they were hoping for. A convention worker let slip the ugly truth:

It looks like a done deal to me. The decision’s apparently been taken and it’s just a matter of spinning it as being forced on us by the weather.

Oops. They are not going to be happy with that person (who wisely remained anonymous).

Obama’s largest crowd in 2012 has been 14,000. I think even his fans have lost that lovin’ feelin’. And if that’s the case, they’re not going to be as motivated to get out there and vote in November. Sure, 2008 was one thing. That was a once-in-a-lifetime chance in their eyes: I could really be a part of something big, you know… But now? How will voting for Obama make me feel better about myself now? I mean, he’s already been the president. Yawn. Maybe I’ll just stay home and watch re-runs of Jersey Shore instead of voting.