Is Obamacare Really “What Women Want”?

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made some politically naive comments about “legitimate rape,” and that’s all it took for his own party to reject him and call on him to drop out from the race. Incumbent Senator Claire McKaskill took advantage of his comments to criticize him for wanting to “control women.” This is typical talk from abortion supporters, who also refer to pro-lifers as “anti-choice” and the “uterus police.”

But pro-lifers don’t want to control women’s bodies. We believe that killing pre-born babies is murder that’s no different from killing a baby two minutes after he or she has been born. We don’t believe in any kind of “uterine” regulations. It has nothing to do with a woman’s uterus and everything to do with the protection of the unborn, and Akin was correct in pointing out that in the case of rape or incest, the answer is not to punish the unborn. I wonder what liberals would say about the life of actress (Cabin the Sky, Pinky, The Sound and the Fury) and gospel singer Ethel Waters, a black woman who was the child of a teenage rape victim? Rape is a horrible violent crime that has two victims. Neither the mother not the conceived child is guilty of anything.

So who are the real “uterus police?” Who are the ones that really want to “control women’s bodies” to the point of being truly “anti-choice?”

Obamacare enthusiasts, of which Senator McCaskill is one, want nothing more than to control everyone, especially women. They’re obsessed with women’s reproductive functions. They want girls and women to have as much sex as they want with as many “partners” as they want without the fear of pregnancy and STD’s, so they offer free contraception and free STD screenings and treatments.

In the case of unwanted pregnancies, they offer free abortions. To prevent pregnancies altogether, they offer free sterilizations, for which the “over population” crowd would laud as the “responsible” thing to do. Obamacare encourages abortions, sterilizations, and abortifacient contraceptives.

With all this “free” stuff comes the reality that these girls and women will no longer have privacy. The whole idea of “doctor/patient confidentiality” will be a thing of the past. Their bodies will be monitored. Federal bureaucrats will know everything about them:  how many kids they have, how many abortions they’ve had, which contraceptive pills they’re on, whether or not they’ve been sterilized, which STD’s they’ve been treated for. And not to mention the “end of life counseling” that these women will get later in life when the “death panel” decides that they are not worth treating anymore. Is that what women really want?

I thought these women championed the notion of “getting the government out of their bedrooms” and “out of their uteruses.” But Obamacare will enforce the exact opposite of what these women claim they want and make us pay for it all.

Obamacare will create the real “uterus police.” Senator McKaskill and her Democrat friends are the ones that want to “control women’s bodies” and are truly “anti-choice.” So while the Tea Partiers are shying away from Akin’s comments, they should also be calling all the Dems out on their blatant hypocrisy toward women. This “war on women” was waged not by conservative pro-lifers like Akin, but by those on the left who uphold socialized medicine and invasive government control.