Is Pope Francis the ‘Most Dangerous Man on the Planet’?

While the Left celebrates the pope’s Marxist leanings in his new encyclical that addresses global warming, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has called Pope Francis the “most dangerous man on the planet.”

Gutfeld just about blew a gasket when discussing the encyclical, which sounds in spots like it was written by a Huffington Post blogger and polished by a Salon editor until it resembles a socialist’s fantasy of a religious doctrine rather than serious moral teaching.

With plenty of condemnation for wealthy countries that are allegedly looting the environment, and finger wagging about how global warming is the Earth “protesting” the misuse of resources, the encyclical buys into the global warming fraud and tries to justify its agenda-driven myopia as concern for the world’s poor.

Now, leftists who blindly accept the global warming hysteria as normal because government-paid scientists cannot lie, are wondering in scores of news outlets what the fuss over the encyclical is all about.

But for people who are on to the scam, especially those who are Christians, the pope’s sudden advocacy of environmental politics is lending new life to a fraudulent issue that was finally showing signs of going away.

There has been no warming in nearly two decades. That’s clear from the unmanipulated data.

That the data have been and continue to be manipulated has been shown and reported repeatedly by government watchdogs who have done the job the mainstream news media should have been doing all along.

Claims of increases in “extreme weather,” decreases in Arctic ice cover, threats to polar bears and rising ocean levels are as phony as a three-dollar bill, and the predictions made by climate-predicting software have all failed to come to pass.

So the pope’s encyclical ends up sounding like a Greenpeace pamphlet.

But in it, he also advocates wealth redistribution and an anti-capitalist agenda that is simply unsupportable. Capitalism and free markets, not governments, have led to better health and higher standards of living around the world.

There are also many places where the environment has been changing for the better, with or without global warming. In most places where there is famine or drought (such as California), the direct cause is excessive and inefficient government controlling free markets.

Pope John Paul II, being Polish, knew full well the evils of Marxist and other totalitarian governments. His papacy was marked by his strong advocacy for human freedom. This current pope, coming from South America, was raised in a country where the intellectually lazy assumptions of Marxism and liberation theology were often accepted with little question and stifling statism was the norm.

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In endorsing the global warming fraud, Francis is not only reviving shaky science, by leading his flock to wallow in anxiety over the weather, he is abandoning the biblical principles expressed in passages such as Luke 12:22-32. He also is ignoring the fact that only God can make the weather obey, as when Jesus rebuked the storm, recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke.

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow, Or have you seen the storehouses of the hail, Which I have reserved for the time of distress, For the day of war and battle? “Where is the way that the light is divided, Or the east wind scattered on the earth?” — Job 38:22

I believe Pope Francis, by writing this encyclical, has lost his faith in God and is teaching others to follow in his footsteps.

That’s what Gutfeld meant by saying the pope is dangerous, because who better to lead the world astray than a pope who is himself lost?