Is Senator Bob Menendez a Political Target?

Sure, Bob Menendez is corrupt. But who isn’t? We still need to ask why he is actually being prosecuted.

robert menendez

People want to believe that their government is protecting them, rooting out corruption, and punishing criminals. So any time there is a political struggle between two factions, it is of great benefit to one side or other to push their attack on the other side by finding an excuse to prosecute them for their criminal behavior. That way, the people think they have evidence that their government cares about justice and order. This increases their trust in and loyalty to the government. The winners in the political class know they can get away with continuing in corruption for awhile before they pick out another scapegoat to try to puff up their reputation with the people.

I have no doubt that Bob Menendez is corrupt. After all, he is a Senator. He is also a Democrat which may still mean it is even more likely he is corrupt.

But that doesn’t tell us why he is being prosecuted.

Senator Ted Cruz is floating a theory about that.

The Hill reports, “Cruz: Menendez probe politically motivated.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested Saturday that the Justice Department’s criminal corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) are political retribution against the New Jersey Democrat for opposing the White House’s negotiations with Iran.

Cruz made the allegations to a throng of reporters jammed into the corner of a tent outside the Iowa Ag Summit in Des Moines without even having been asked about the Menendez criminal charges. 

“The announcement this week by the Justice Department that they were bringing charges against Bob Menendez — I will point out that the timing seems awfully coincidental that … in the very week that Bob Menendez showed incredible courage to speak out and call out President Obama for the damage that his policy is doing to our national security … the Justice Department announces they’re moving forward with the criminal prosecution,” Cruz said.

“It raises the suggestion to other Democrats that if you dare part from the Obama White House, that criminal prosecutions will be used potentially as a political weapon against you as well,” he added.

Menendez has been a vocal critic of the White House as the Obama administration has sought to wrap up delicate talks with Iranian leaders over the future of their nuclear program.

In my opinion, Cruz’s theory is not credible. There is a much more obvious reason why Menendez is facing prosecution: The Obama faction is out to destroy the Clinton faction. We are in the middle of a major political war and the media is pretending it isn’t happening.

There are several sources that show this. The Ammoland blog links a couple: “Clinton Can’t Shake Her Ties to Bob Menendez’s & His Pending Corruption Charges.”

In light of Democrat Senator – and major Hillary Clinton supporter – Bob Menendez’s looming indictment on federal corruption charges, it is important to remember the corrupt bargain they helped bring about to change State Department policy in exchange for hefty campaign contributions, a matter that was referred to the FBI.

As the New York Times pointed out in its exposé on the deal, it “could prove awkward for Mrs. Clinton, who was in charge of the State Department at the time, high-ranking officials overruled the agency’s ban on Ms. Isaías for immigration fraud, and whose office made calls on the matter.”

See the RNC blog post below on Clinton’s deep ties to Menendez: Clinton And Menendez’s Deep Ties.

The revelation of Clinton’s email account, an open secret for years that never got media attention until now, is obviously a political attack. Where is the Democrat counter-attack machine to defend her, their only viable presidential candidate? A few are speaking for her (her daughter). But I’m seeing Liberals join in the attack. The Chicago crime family has decided it is tired of competing for resources with the Hot Springs crime family.

Who do we want to win? It seems obvious to me that the Chicago Marxists are far more sexually totalitarian and committed than the Clintonistas (though that doesn’t make the Clintons good in any sense). But the best result might be for them both to cripple each other in the fight and destroy the Democrat party.

Why are the Obamacrats risking that? Perhaps partly because the heady fog of Chicago leftism has choked off enough oxygen that they are losing their love for survival over their need to “change the world” or that their ability to believe that they won’t win. But also perhaps because they calculate that they can trust the Republican Party to implode when it is dominant. If the Democrats are now split in a turf war, that same thing has been happening in the GOP for years. Reagan brought new voters into the GOP. This gave the Republicans victories. They loved that. It also gave them a base that expected smaller government, lower taxes, and (at some point) reduced spending and reduced debt. They hated that. The Republican Party is a vehicle for getting people to put corruptocrats in power. With what is happening in Congress now, it is obvious that the Republican base is making the ruling class feel uncomfortable, just as the ruling class is making the Republican base angry.

So if they are confident that the Republicans will hurt themselves, the Obama minions may believe they have room to deal with their closer enemies.

I have to admit that Cruz’s misdirection on this issue really bothers me. He is a good guy and he has done great work for the country. But I have a hard time believing that he can’t see the Menendez-Clinton connection and consider that this would be political motivation for going after Menendez.

So why generate distracting noise? I don’t get it.