Is Shariah Compliant Banking in America Funding Terrorism?

This follow up article digs a little deeper into Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF), Islam’s waging of financial jihad on the United States and the consequences of our government’s failure to act. The subversive goal of Shariah compliant banking or finance (SCF) is to promote the legitimate acceptance and dominance of Shariah law in the United States of America. This is not a new development. Our nation gave birth to this abomination of banking strategy long before President Obama took office.

Some of our largest and most well-known banks and financial institutions are incorporating SCF standards into U.S consumer banking transactions. A list of many of those financial institutions can be found at Shariah Finance Watch is a project of the Center for Security Policy. The programs objective is to educate the public and policymakers about the dangers of Shariah. I highly recommend you visit this site.

As stated in my previous article “Sharia Compliant Banking in America,” our national money changers are now providing Shariah compliant financial (SCF) services to the American community at large. These U.S. financial institutions are required to employ a committee of “Shariah law advisers” (Muslims) to monitor banking transactions to determine if SCF activities are compliant with Islamic transaction law as defined in the Quran. As a general rule the Quran prohibits the charging of interest but doesn’t speak to any greater financial constraints, so most Shariah compliance is left to the even-handed decisions of the Shariah advisers.

It is not clear whether this is a requirement for all of a Shariah compliant banks services or just those provided to Muslim clients.

If a banks transaction violates Islamic law the Shariah law advisers recommend that it be “purified” and its profits/interest donated to an Islamic Charity. This is mandatory for a bank to remain Shariah compliant. In other words, it’s acceptable to Shariah law advisers for U.S. banks and customers to violate Islamic law as long as they agree to forfeit unclean profits and interest to be turned over to the promotion of the Islamic Culture.

It is unclear how much non-believer money, if any, is purified by our nations Sharia compliant banks. The next time you use a credit card or an ATM provided by a Shariah compliant bank ask yourself if your money is being used to fund our enemy in the war on terror? Are America’s banking customers paying for bullets, RPG’s and IED’s being used against our husbands, wives, sons and daughters? Better yet ask your branch manager to elaborate on his/her companies Shariah compliant products and services. You may be surprised to find out you have been subsidizing your Muslim neighbor’s house of worship for over a decade.

Islamic Charities historically promote radical ideologies like inferior status of women, honor killing, polygamy and capital punishment for homosexuality and slandering Islam. Many of these charities are not honorable nor legitimate not-for-profits and amount to nothing more than insidious money laundering operations. SCF purification adherence is funding worldwide Islamic Charities whose sole purpose is to promote Islam. I would argue that Islamic promotion provides support (both ideological and financial) for terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. It shouldn’t surprise you that the largest SCF banks in the world are operated by Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both countries have a well- established history of financing the growth of Islam’s violent and subversive influences in the United States and abroad.

Why do Muslims move to the United States if they can’t live by our laws? I surely wouldn’t move to Saudi Arabia to open up a pork sausage factory. I think the message is clear but once again we aren’t taking it seriously. I believe a real effort by American non-believing consumers might force a change in domestic banking product offerings. Personally, I’m not banking with a Shariah compliant bank, but it scares me to think about the Christian Americans that have trusted everything to a bank aiding our demise.

Sharia compliant finance will eventually lead to the institutionalizing of Sharia Law in the United States. This is not a theory but a goal ofa traditional Islam which is violently opposed to Western values. Our laws and financial institutions are being manipulated to gain open acceptance and consideration of Shariah in our homes and workplace. What generally follows is Islam’s forced incorporation into our Legislative and Judicial branches. Why isn’t this issue being publicly debated? Perhaps the money trail leads directly back to our government and the American financial consumer is being duped once again.

(I have contacted Senator Richard Shelby (R.) a ranking member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs regarding SCF. I’m waiting for his reply.)