Ted Cruz Avoids Trouble for Talking about Secret Law?

The exchange above almost got Ted Cruz in trouble. NBC News reports: “Did Ted Cruz Reveal Classified Information at the GOP Debate?

The Senate Intelligence Committee now says that it is not formally investigating whether Ted Cruz may have revealed classified information when discussing the government’s ability to monitor phone records during Tuesday night’s Republican debate.

“The Committee is not investigating anything said during last night’s Republican Presidential debate,” the two top members of the panel said in a joint bipartisan statement.

The statement comes after panel chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) told reporters this morning that he had directed his staff to look into the matter.

“I’m having my staff look at the transcripts of the debate right now,” Burr told reporters this morning.

A spokeswoman for Cruz said that the senator did not say anything that has not already been “widely reported.”

“There’s nothing that Senator Cruz said last night that wasn’t widely reported and saturated in the public domain,” campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told NBC News.

Burr was initially referring to Cruz’s comments regarding recent changes in the metadata collection program, which was the subject of a testy exchange between Cruz and Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL), may have been classified.

I’m glad the Senate Committee came to its senses. If Cruz was to get in trouble for what he said, the hypocrisy of how Hillary is getting away with her private email server would be accentuated.

But think of what happened. We are supposed to make an informed decision when we vote for the Republican nominee. That was what this debate was supposed to provide: information. The candidates were having a public debate about public policy.

How is that possible with secret law? The entire premise of informed decision-making by voters is contradicted if the laws are kept secret.

Also, Cruz seemed to think that Rubio had spoken inaccurately. I don’t know if he was right, but that was obviously what he thought. But according to Rubio he wasn’t supposed to set the record straight because that involved informing voters about a secret law.

Secret law means voters are ignorant and the government is unaccountable.